Thursday, April 13, 2006

More Confirmation: Shots Fired At Newspaper Carriers In Minneapolis

WCCO News crime reporter Carolyn Lowe has posted confirmation of a story that Rambix reported earlier regarding a drive-by shooting of two newspaper carriers in Minneapolis. The Rambix story was posted at 2:37pm on April 12, and the WCCO story was posted at 11:18pm on April 12.

Here's an excerpt from Ms. Lowe's report: "Police Investigate South Minneapolis Shooting".

(WCCO) Minneapolis Two men out delivering newspapers early Wednesday morning in South Minneapolis narrowly escaped being hit by a drive-by shooter.

The victims were distributing papers on East 27th Street in a vehicle when it was struck by two shots from a van that drove past them. The victims called 911 on a cell phone and followed the suspects.

A few minutes later, police caught the suspects at 13th Avenue South and East Lake Street and recovered a gun.

Minneapolis Police Captain Rich Stanek said, "We really don't know what to make of it yet, but through an investigation hopefully we'll be able to determine what the motive was or the reason for the shots fired were."
Is there any safe activity in Minneapolis?

Thanks again to Rambix tipster David E.