Thursday, April 13, 2006

How Not To Be A Victim

Obviously there are times where fighting back is simply suicide, such as when you are facing multiple armed criminals, but Uptown murder victim Michael Zebuhr found that being compliant in that situation wasn't good enough to save his life.

So what do you do?

You make a personal choice.

And if you choose to fight, here's the example of how it's done, from KSTP Eyewitness News: "Stabbing victim learned self-defense in Iraq".

Albosaad said he learned to fight growing up in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

“When I was in Iraq, I learned to just fight, you know, to not worry or be afraid or concerned about your life.”
Surviving Saddam's Iraq was a big accomplishment. The experience appears to have forged Mr. Albosaad into a person you don't want to mess with, as two hapless criminals discovered.

Amar Albosaad was attacked by two regular customers, one of whom used a large knife. Police have identified the two suspects as a juvenile and 31-year-old Fernando Marcia, a suspected gang leader.

Albosaad was stabbed approximately eight times during the incident. One of the wounds came within inches of his heart.

“They tried to stab me right here, and here,” Albosaad said, pointing to the wounds. “And this one is the big one too.”
He quickly turned the tables:

He said his attackers seemed surprised when he resisted. “When I grab the knife they said, ‘Do not cuts us, let us leave,’” Albosaad said of the suspects. “And I say, ‘You can leave now but I will cut you.’

Albosaad is not concerned that the suspects have not been found. “It doesn’t matter if they come back again with a gun, knife or bazooka, I will stand to them. Really.”
And as impressive as that sounds, this may be better:

Albosaad spent only one night in the hospital. He works seven days a week but cannot afford health insurance, although he says he has always refused public assistance.
There are a lot of people who could learn from Mr. Albosaad.