Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shots Fired At Minneapolis Paper Carrier?

If true, delivering newspapers in Minneapolis is now as hazardous as working in the city as a Qwest employee. This news tip below comes from Rambix reader David E.

[I don't have any independent verification of the story. If anyone has a link, please let me know.]
I'm listening to KQRS this morning and they have a caller who described an incident that that happened this morning. It seems his co-worker is delivering papers on his route in south Minneapolis and at about 4am, at 22nd Street and 26th ave. he's chased by another vehicle containing several occupants. Shots are fired at him and his car is struck several times. He manages to call 911 and the police arrest one suspect. The caller describes seeing his co-workers car and says the holes in it were made by a large caliber bullet and one bullet just missed his co-workers head by inches. Also he says he saw the suspect the police apprehended yes, sadly, a black youth probably in his late teens. Of course this is all from some guy calling in to a radio show but he sounded credible. He said he didn't think his co-worker would be going back to his job and he certainly would not be taking that route. Someone on the show suggested that Mayor Rybeck could take over that newspaper route tomorrow morning -alone. Unlike his midnight stroll around block E a couple weeks ago where he was surrounded by armed police officers. Minneapolis is perfectly safe! Just something for your case files. I've been reading your website a lot lately and when I heard this guys story I thought I'd pass it on. Keep up the good work.
Dave E
Yes, I understand this is a secondhand, uncorroborated story, but interesting if true. I'd like to confirm it one way or another.