Sunday, July 30, 2006

Minneapolis: "Wild, Wild West"

We can take comfort in knowing we're still not quite as bad as New Orleans, but we're sure trying hard to catch up.

A Minneapolis officer, probably wishing he had volunteered for lighter duty, say, in Baghdad perhaps, found himself in the vicinity of a barrage of gunfire earlier this morning, as reported by KSTP Eyewitness News: "Officer involved shooting in Minneapolis".

The shooting happened around 2:30am and Minneapolis police say an off-duty officer heard a ring of gunshots

The way police describe it, this was more like a scene from the wild wild west. Police found more than 2 dozens (sic) bullet casings in the area around 3rd street and 2nd avenue south.
It appears the "actors" are heavily armed, if in fact there was an automatic weapon involved (for you gun-controllers out there, an automatic weapon is not one that fires one round per trigger pull).

A suspect opened fire with an automatic or semi-automatic gun. It's unclear tonight what he was shooting at, but police tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, an off duty officer in uniform, fired his gun to try to stop the suspect but missed, the suspect ran away.

Joseph Will, a 12 year veteran of the department, is on paid administrative leave after firing his gun. Police are investigating the shooting, but so far they have no suspects.
A source with a lot of contacts in Minneapolis, particularly on the North Side, tells me that the heinous crimes we're seeing day in and day out are being committed by criminals who have come from out of state, particularly Detroit, Chicago, Gary, and Kansas City. These hardened thugs are not afraid to thrown down for any reason at all, but will mostly use violence to protect and establish their "business" turf.

This generally confirms empirical evidence.

So the question is: What's drawing the criminal element from around the region to our fine city of Minneapolis?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Minneapolis Death - Double Shooting

I had the feeling today that something bad was going to go down, and indeed it has. A double shooting on the North Side in Minneapolis earlier today has resulted in one death, according to KSTP News: "Double shooting in north Minneapolis leaves woman dead".

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Police are looking for a suspect in a Minneapolis shooting that left one woman dead and another injured.

Before 4:30 this morning, police heard multiple gunshots. They found two adult female shooting victims on the sidewalk of the 2100 block of Lyndale Avenue north.

The women were found a couple blocks from where police thought they heard the gunshots.

One woman died.

The other, a 24-year-old, was being treated for non-lifethreatening injuries.
Why are so many females getting shot on the street? Could this be retaliation for one or both of the double murders a few nights ago? If not, you know that's also coming.

Savage Attack In St. Paul

The St. Paul Somali community has been rocked by news of a brutal, savage attack on a 25 year old female. The alleged criminal is Afif Abdiaziz Ahmed, shown above in the Ramsey Co. booking photo [Courtesy St. Paul Pioneer Press].

The gruesome story details the damage inflicted:

It was a vicious attack that St. Paul police say a man inflicted on his 25-year-old girlfriend. The assault destroyed one of her eyes and may have damaged her brain.

The brutality of Monday's attack — which police said included facial and genital mutilation — shocked residents of Skyline Tower, a Summit-University high-rise apartment populated largely by Somali immigrants.
Somali leaders have been understandably quick to point out that this behavior is not unique to immigrant communities in general, or Somalis in particular.

I'll be the first to agree that sick and twisted acts can be found in any "community", however, my concern is that oftentimes we are allowing people to immigrate to America and enter our country without knowing who or what they are.

Why wouldn't a third world country want to rid itself of it's worst citizens; the criminals, the psychotics, the perverts, or worse? Does America screen sufficiently for these defects? Is it even possible?

By no means am I saying that all immigrants are bad people, but it's clear that some are. And why should we allow even one bad person to set foot on American soil?

In the case of Afif Abdiaziz Ahmed it will be interesting to see what the psychological evaluation reveals. Consider this: What if it turns out he is sane? Then do we consider a cultural component?

"The viciousness of the attack would indicate incredible levels of anger and a certain desire to mark her, given that many of the cuts were to her face," Schnell said.
That sounds more like uncontrolled rage than mental illness. The alleged criminal, in fact, has a history of anger:

According to a police officer, Ahmed had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend and destroyed the inside of the apartment, cutting furniture with a knife and breaking other valuables.

"Clearly, he was on some sort of a rage, and damage to the apartment was extensive," said St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh.
Ahmed will have to answer in court for his actions, and we can only pray he goes away for a long, long time, and upon his release he is deported to Somalia, functioning government or not.

Afif Ahmed, 26, who is charged with nine felony counts in the attack, made his first court appearance Thursday. Ramsey County District Judge Salvador Rosas ordered him held without bail pending a psychological evaluation to determine if he is competent to stand trial.
Let's hope judge Salvador gives a sentence commensurate with the crime in the event Mr. Ahmed is found guilty.

We'll be watching.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thank Bobby Jindal

The next time you find yourself amidst chaos and anarchy in your neighborhood following a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other major event, say thank you to Louisiana Republican Representative Bobby Jindal. Thank him for protecting your right to defend yourself from the inevitable criminal element: "House Votes to Block Seizure of Legal Guns".

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House voted Tuesday to prevent law enforcement officers from confiscating legally owned guns during a national disaster or emergency.

Republican Rep. Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana lawmaker who sponsored the bill, said firearms seizures after Hurricane Katrina left residents unable to defend themselves.

"Many of them were sitting in their homes without power, without water, without communication,'' he said. "It was literally impossible to pick up a phone and call 911.''
It's a frightening proposition to be left defenseless when authorities aren't able to help you.

Despite all the reverse spin following Hurricane Katrina, in which the MSM backed off their stories of predators roaming the darkened streets of New Orleans, we know it happened more than they are willing to admit. I posted stories on this blog of people who defended their homes and lives with the guns they had, and were probably very thankful they had them.

Lost in the news reports was the confiscation of legal guns by authorities. Can anyone think of an example where that's happened before, and what the ultimate outcome was?

A major disaster could happen anywhere, and those who are prepared will have a much better chance of survival.

Fortunately, the bill had broad support:

The House voted 322-99 in support of the bill. Senators voted 84-16 earlier this month to include a similar prohibition in a homeland security funding bill.
You can go here to thank Rep. Jindal if you'd like.

Fight Victim Remains In Coma

I previously reported here about a vicious assault committed at a fraternity party on the University of Minnesota campus. The alleged assailants, from Brooklyn Park, were arrested but later released pending further investigation.

The University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily reports a follow up story, and the news is not good: "Hospitalized man remains in coma after post-party fight".

A 20-year-old is in an induced coma after a July 16 fight at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house.

About 2:20 a.m. a Minneapolis police officer arrived at the back parking lot of the fraternity at 1717 University Ave. S.E.
The attackers were apparently unknown to the Fraternity.

Mark Patterson, an 18-year-old friend of the victim, said he and some friends went to a party at the fraternity that night. He said that a little after 2 a.m. they were standing outside getting ready to leave when they noticed a group of men they didn't know standing outside.

One of the strangers punched the victim in the jaw, Patterson said. The victim immediately fell backward, smacked his head on the concrete and got knocked out, he said.

Patterson said blood was coming out of his friend's mouth and that he had stopped breathing for a few minutes.
I'd like to hear more on those that were arrested: What was the probable cause for their arrest? What is their background? Why were they released? Are they still suspects?

I'd have to assume there were plenty of witnesses.

We don't know all the details, but this sounds like nothing less than a barbaric assault on a possibly unsuspecting victim. If anyone can provide more information on this crime, please email me at:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Edina Mugging

KSTP News has reported a mugging in Edina earlier today. For those of you not familiar with Edina, it's a first-ring, wealthy suburb that sits on the western border of Minneapolis, and muggings in that city are, to say the least, very unusual.

The robbery happened close to the border with Minneapolis.

Therein lies the problem. Stupid punk criminals don't understand city boundaries, so they probably thought they were in Minneapolis and could get away with their crime. Little did they know they were on the turf of Edina's finest, and they were scooped up in short order.

Here's the news story: "Women mugged outside Edina apartment"

Two women were robbed at gunpoint outside their Edina apartment Tuesday then walked to a nearby grocery store and forced to withdraw money from an ATM, according to police.

The women were outside their apartment on the 3900 block of 49th St. around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday when two males approached them and one of them was carrying a gun, police reported in a news release. The suspects rifled through one of the woman's purses and then demanded that the women withdraw money from an ATM.

The suspects walked the two women to Lunds Grocery Store on W. 50th St. where one of the women took money from an ATM. She gave the money to the suspect, then walked to the back of the store and dialed 911. Within minutes, Edina police responded and arrested the suspects near 51st and Ewing Aves. S. in Minneapolis, police reported.

The suspects were transported to Hennepin County Jail. They have been identified as Coery Cornell Gosha, 18, Merle Monta Robertson, 18, Ezequel Gutierrez, 19, and Alonzo Tacorrious, 19.
What do you want to bet these scumbags live in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis Quagmire: Two More Murders Overnight

Despite Mayor Rybak's Safe Zone initiative, a contingent of State Patrol troopers providing backup for the MPD, the Guardian Angels, and the gun-buyback program, violence in Minneapolis has not abated.

I'm not so sure that gangs, gunmen, and other assorted violent criminals aren't in complete control of certain parts of the city. And only God can help you if you are a good person living on the North Side.

WCCO News reports the stunning news of two separate incidents of murder last night: "2 Killed In North Minneapolis Overnight".

(WCCO) Minneapolis Two people were killed in separate shootings in North Minneapolis overnight.

The first happened just after midnight Tuesday in the 1400 block of Irving Avenue North. Police responded to a call of a person down and found the victim lying in the street.

Police said that victim appeared to be a teenager.

Police combed the neighborhood for suspects and witnesses, but are still not sure where that shooting took place.

The second shooing took place around 3:30 a.m. in the 900 block of West Broadway, where a man was found dead behind a dumpster at McDonald's.

Investigators have not determined if the two shootings are related.

Minneapolis has now recorded 38 homicides this year, which is six ahead of the same time last year.

(© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
Again a little confusion with the murder count. I've been tracking the murders as they occur, and I have 35 total this year for Minneapolis. Kennedy vs. The Machine also has 35. This report says 38. The police crime stats page appears to be behind a month or so.

Did we miss one?

In any event, the point is, once again, we're on our own in the city of Minneapolis. The liberal power structure doesn't know how to end the bloodshed, and is afraid to, or won't, use the get-tough, politically incorrect methods necessary to crush the criminal element in the city.

Therefore, the Quagmire deepens.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Murder Victim No Choir Boy

Frequent Rambix tipster and commenter Andrew Rothman has posted a nice background piece on the improbably-named victim of Minneapolis' 35th murder, Pestelence V.D. El-Shabazz. I reported this murder in my previous post, which apparently doubled the Twin Cities area coverage of the crime (The Red Star was the only other source I was able to find).

Following is a sample from Andrew's post [Note: the source of the criminal history is not included in the post, so I can't guarantee its accuracy]. This information represents the tail end of Pestelence V.D. El-Shabazz' criminal history; see Andrew's post for the whole sordid affair:

09/15/2000 Felony Burglary-1st Deg-Burglary of Occupied Dwelling (sentenced 28 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Burglary (sentenced 75 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Theft (sentenced 24 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Theft (sentenced 19 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Felon Convicted Crime of Violence-Possess Firearm (sentenced 60 Months)

09/15/2000 Felony Burglary (sentenced 75 Months)
Apparently he spent the last 6 years or so in prison, thus the end of record at year 2000.

Thanks for the insight, Andrew.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Saturday Mayhem: Minneapolis Murder #35 & Officer Defends Self When Confronted by (Alleged) Armed Thug

This story of the 35th murder of the year in Minneapolis was buried inside another story, which coincidentally is the MSM's account of the MPD officer who slaughtered an innocent, minding-his-own-business male on the grounds Cityview Community Elementary School, completely unprovocated.

The reality: The "victim" was killed with a shot fired by the officer. He is alleged to have been exchanging a gun or drugs with another unknown person. He ran from the police. A gun was found at the scene.

True to form, the MSM is reporting this variously as: "Officer, trooper kill suspect in Minneapolis" [Red Star], "Minneapolis police shoot, kill person" [KSTP News], and a "Minneapolis police officer gunned down a man" [Fox 9 TV News - paraphrase].

God forbid one responsible news outlet uses this headline: "Officer defends self when confronted by (alleged) armed thug." Since you won't see that anywhere else, I'm adding it to the title of this post.

Or how about this one: "(Alleged) Thug dies when he chooses a life of crime over being a productive member of society and suffers the consequences of his decision, which is his fault and his fault only, and not the fault of LGA cuts, federal funding cuts, midnight basketball cuts, education cuts, racism, poverty, or George Bush."

And in other news, the only MSM outlet I can find so far on the reporting of the real story, Minneapolis' 35th murder, is, believe it or not, the Red Star. Even so, the murder story is buried beneath the officer defensive shooting reporting distortion. The Red Star article is here.

A 29-year-old man was killed and his fiancée was injured when someone shot them about 3:30 a.m. through an open window in a bedroom at their home in the 3500 block of Newton Avenue N.

Authorities did not identify the man who was killed in that shooting, but his mother identified him as Pestelence V.D. El-Shabazz [Ed. - I don't mean disrespect to the victim, but this name is a crime in itself], whose name previously was Valentine D. Riley.

His mother, Angela Riley, said Saturday that she is being strong in the face of tragedy because of the affection her son always had for her. "I'm going on his love," said Riley, recalling his notes and phone calls. "My heart is full of love."

The fiancée's wounds were not life-threatening.

At the time of the shooting, five boys ages 5 to 13 -- the sons of El-Shabazz and of his fiancée -- were inside the house. None of them was injured.

Police said late Saturday that no one had been arrested in those shootings and that they did not have any suspect information to release.

Capt. Rich Stanek said the shooting did not appear to be random, though police were still investigating a possible motive.

Angela Riley said that both her son and his fiancée were active in the local underground rap scene.

El-Shabazz's killing was Minneapolis' 35th homicide of the year. Anyone with information can call police at 612-692-TIPS.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Reality Of Minneapolis

We read crime news stories and have sympathy for the victims, but unless you're living in Minneapolis there may be a feeling of detachment to the violence that city residents are experiencing in their everyday lives. Derek Ickler is a crime victim, and has helped us understand firsthand the nightmares such living conditions often bring.

Ruben Rosario, liberal columnist of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, brings us closer to another Minneapolis resident who is also under siege with this story: "A neighbor, at wits' end".

A neighbor, at wits' end

After being victimized by criminals three times in one week — and then by the city itself — Luke Boyd wonders whether the time has come to give up on his Minneapolis neighborhood.


Luke Boyd of North Minneapolis hit the crime trifecta one week this year. Or rather, the trifecta trampled all over him.

He was robbed at gunpoint on a Sunday at midnight while returning home from work. His car was stolen the next day. Thieves broke into his home that Saturday.

Then, a month later, the 60-year-old home-care attendant was rolled again after his car was found. This time, it was the city holding him up for the $138 impound lot fee, which he was forced to pay.
This is no way to live. Has Minneapolis, particularly the Northside, become Detroit?

Meet Mr. Boyd, a modern-day crime victim caught not in the Twilight Zone, but within the dimension of a neighborhood waging a daily slugfest with rising crime and blight. He is a resident, like many, wondering more than ever whether he should pack things up and pack it in.

"We are indeed living in a culture permeated by crime," he said as he pointed out a former crack house on a block he has called home for 14 years now. "There seems to be no longer any respect for people or authority, and I'm getting tired of the city life."

Boyd has had his place broken into before. He personally grabbed a bucket of water and soap one day, got on his knees and cleaned a fading but still disturbingly visible pool of blood on a nearby sidewalk after a vicious bus stop mugging two years ago.
Read the whole article for a look inside the disturbing conditions in today's Minneapolis. Then call Mayor Rybak and ask him what he's going to do about it.

Minneapolis Robbery Crime Alert

The Minneapolis Police have issued a Crime Alert dated 7/19/06 following robberies by a gang of 2-3 black male juveniles:

Cleveland, Folwell, McKinley, Jordan and Hawthorne Neighborhoods July 19, 2006

Robbery of person from July 13-18, 2006


Victims are being robbed while walking, waiting for the bus, or out in their yards. These are crime of opportunity. One 80-year-old man was held by suspects while another suspect removed money from his pockets. The robberies have happened in these locations:

23rd Ave. N. to 26th Ave. N. and Lyndale to Colfax Ave. N.: all hours
21st Ave. N. to 24th Ave. N. and Penn Ave. N.: late afternoon, 4:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Suspect information:

Suspects have been two groups of 2-3 black male juveniles.
Robbed while "walking, waiting for the bus, or out in their yards". More "high risk" activity!

The link also gives a list of "What you can do". I've taken the liberty of adding a couple bullet points (no pun intended):

  • Secure yourself with a personal protection tool as authorized by the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.
  • Take your business to a city other than Minneapolis.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Censored Beyond All Recognition

Derek Ickler, a.k.a. McGruv, a.k.a. the first Rambix reader to have a gangster-style execution in his own backyard, has been a tour de force for the fed-up-with-crime crowd in Minneapolis. He's got the "street cred" to do it, and has been hammering Rybak & Co. with his calls for action and accountability.

Today he had a letter to the editor printed by the Red Star. Sort of.

His hard-hitting truth-telling letter was edited and sanitized beyond all recognition by the totalitarians of the Red Star. Fortunately for Rambix and Anti-Strib readers, Derek has provided us with the original!

Here's the original letter Derek (McGruv) submitted for print in the Red Star:
Crime is still out of control in this city and while Rybak and Co. complain that the state cut LGA, I was shocked to read that Minneapolis is planning on using ~300K of county and city tax money on a green roof for city hall???? Shouldn't we use that money for more police? I don't get it. They all claim to "share my concern" for the crime problem in Minneapolis and then make decisions like this.

Our city leadership obviously thinks crime is trivial and that "green" and "progressive" schemes are more important. So to the Mayor and City Council I say, thanks for putting the wants of the elite lakeside enviro-liberals over the needs of ordinary working class people just trying to make a decent living in your city. I can't wait to vote you out of office.

Derek J. Ickler
North Minneapolis
And here's what made it past the censors:

Fund cops, not roofs

I was shocked to read that Minneapolis wants to spend around $300,000 for a "green roof" while crime is still out of control in this city ("City Hall to plant rooftop garden amid downtown's concrete canyon," July 18). Shouldn't we use that money for more police?

Please send a note of displeasure to the censorship committee at the Red Star. Why are they afraid of the truth?

Minneapolis Thugs With Sawed-Off Shotguns

Situated near the proposed site of the Twins Stadium, Lee's Liquor Lounge has gone two decades without being robbed. It's tough to escape unscathed in today's Minneapolis, and this bar will be no exception, as the Red Star reports: "Robbery was latest blow for Minneapolis bar owner".

Louie Sirian, the resilient owner of the downtown Minneapolis watering hole and music club, lost his wife of 45 years to a heart attack and his daughter to cancer in recent months.

Then on Monday afternoon, Sirian was robbed by two masked men who stormed into the bar with sawed-off shotguns and allegedly took thousands of dollars.

"After all I've been through, looking down the barrel of a shotgun didn't even scare me like it should have," said Sirian, 70.

Monday's robbery took place around 6:15 p.m. The dozen or so customers were ordered to get on the floor while Sirian went into the office to hand over his money, he said.
That this robbery occurred in broad daylight should come as no surprise. What's disturbing is that this is the time families would be heading toward the new stadium for a Twins ballgame.

Thugs bearing sawed-off shotguns and Twins fans in close proximity are not a good mix.

The two men fled within a few minutes in a van left running outside the bar, at 101 Glenwood Av. near the proposed site for the new Twins stadium. It was the first robbery at the 130-year-old bar in about two decades.

A police spokesman called the crime "highly uncommon" because of the time of day and the tactics used by the gunmen, who even covered up the license plate of their van.
Mr. Sirian sounds like a resilient guy who, like many before him, has fallen into the Minneapolis Quagmire.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

University Of Minnesota "Dinkytown" Shooting

You didn't read about this in the Red Star, or see it on local news websites.

The University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily newspaper has taken the lead on this disturbing story:

July 19, 2006

Man shot in Dinkytown

By Sara Schweid

Daily Minneapolis man was shot in the shoulder about 2:40 a.m. Sunday near the intersection of Fifth Street Southeast and 12th Avenue Southeast, according to police reports.

The victim, whose injuries were significant but not life-threatening, was taken to a hospital by a friend, said Lt. Greg Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Reinhardt said there was a party in the area that both the victim and suspect had attended.

He said the victim and the shooter had an argument and were going to fight, but the suspect shot the victim and fled the scene.

No arrests have been made, and the case is under investigation, Reinhardt said.
This story follows a previous posting about an assault on a University student here, as well as past postings of a significant number of violent incidents on or near campus. This tells us one thing: the University's main campus, located in Minneapolis, is not immune to Minneapolis violence.

In addition to the above stories, Fox 9 News at 9:00 reported a vicious assault at a Delta Tau Delta fraternity party which resulted in the victim being taken the hospital ICU with potentially life-threatening head injuries. I don't see this report yet anywhere in the print media. The 3 alleged criminals were reported to have been from Brooklyn Park, and were not students.

Fugitive Killer On The Loose

Minneapolis Police are on the hunt for James A. Banks, the alleged killer in the bold, broad-daylight murder of Marcus White during prime time in North Minneapolis last Thursday. This crime in particular sent a message to Minneapolis residents and the law enforcement community: criminals aren't afraid to conduct their business anywhere, anytime, broad-daylight or not.

The Red Star reports: "Charge filed against fugitive in North Side shootings".

Chao Xiong and Terry Collins, Star Tribune

A 20-year-old Minneapolis man was charged Monday with murdering a man and wounding a woman last week in a daylight shooting on the North Side.
James A. Banks remains a fugitive in the killing of Marcus White, 19, of Minneapolis.

White was shot about 5 p.m. Thursday on Dupont Avenue N. near W. Broadway. A woman, whom one friend identified as the mother of White's nephew, was shot and taken to North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale. Her injuries were not life-threatening.
With the State Patrol, Guardian Angels, police, and citizen groups acting in concert against crime, why is such brazen violence continuing? One answer, of course, is that criminals don't fear consequences in Minnesota.

Without fear of swift and certain punishment, meaningful sentences, and an uncomfortable prison existence, there is little incentive for these rats to join civilized society.

Let's catch this criminal forthwith and take one more step towards cleaning up our state.

Banks is charged with second-degree murder and second-degree assault. Police ask that anyone with information about the shooting call the tips line at 612-692-8477.

Monday, July 17, 2006

More University of Minnesota Armed Robbery Reported

The University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily has a number of campus violent crimes detailed on their website, a couple of which I've posted previously. The list, however, includes one not previously reported in the Red Star or other MSM:

Armed robbery

A 41-year old man was robbed at gunpoint July 7, according to police reports.

The man was walking home from work about 2:30 a.m. and was approached by two people who threatened him with a gun, said Steve Johnson, deputy chief of University police.

The man was walking south along 15th Street Southeast toward a Dinkytown bus stop, Johnson said.

He was approached by the two, threatened with a gun and robbed in front of Bierman Field, Johnson said.

The people stole the man's wallet, according to the police report.

Johnson said that after this robbery the department did a count of aggravated robberies in their jurisdiction.

"These incidents made 74 robberies of persons in Southeast since the first of the year," Johnson said.

He said that while the number of aggravated robberies has been increasing since last year, 74 is still higher than average.
Do you get the feeling a lot of stuff goes on that we don't hear about?

I'm doing my best to bring it to you, but I still feel like a lot is slipping through the cracks. University Deputy Chief Johnson tells us there were 74 robberies in the campus area since the beginning of the year, so it's clear only a few are being reported in the media. Here's hoping we can change that.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Callous Killing In Minneapolis

In a scene reminsicent of the "run down" killing in the late summer of 2005, which I reported on here and here among other posts, the latest incident also involves a narcissistic, callous (alleged) criminal wiping out the life of an innocent person.

In 2005, Simone Stillday, with a carload of like-minded garbage people, purposely ran over Evelyn Geng, who, at the time of the crime was participating in what Mayor R.T. Rybak would call a "high risk" lifestyle: pumping gas. In this latest incident, an as yet unidentified male ran over a woman in the drive-through area of McDonalds while she was participating in the high-risk activity of "getting fast food", killing her instantly.

Accidents happen, of course, but this appears to be no accident.

By initial reports, it seems the driver had a careless and reckless disregard for human life. It should come as no surprise that someone died following such behavior. The driver has not been charged, and should be presumed innocent, but if the evidence shows a wanton disregard for the safety of another human being, then this is a particularly egregious crime and punishment should be swift and sure.

KSTP Eyewitness News reports: "Name released of woman killed in drive-thru".

23-year-old Isabel Chaves was run over and killed in front of her family at a McDonald’s in South Minneapolis Saturday.

The accident happened around noon at the restaurant at 24 th St. W. and Nicollet Ave. S.

Police say the woman was hit by a man who left the drive-thru [Ed. - at a high rate of speed, per TV news accounts] after an argument while on his cell phone.

"A black male had pulled up in a Navigator truck, and he was arguing with somebody in the window about his order, and he was on his cell phone at the same time,” says witness Shawn Williams.
Haven't we all seen such behavior ad nauseum? You can picture this, right? A self-absorbed narcissist, driving an expensive vehicle, talking on a cell phone, and arguing with a service person. He doesn't get what he wants and storms off in a childish fit of anger and runs a woman over in front of her family.

There are too many of these type of people out there, the type of people who set themselves up for trouble. It might be the guy who parks his shiny car sideways across three parking spaces, just daring someone to bump up against it. Or the person who parks in a handicapped space without a permit. Or the person who stops his car in the middle of the road to talk to his friends, not caring about traffic piling up behind him (and daring you to say something).

This is the same type of person. His attorney will make him out to be a victim, of course, but let's see what the facts reveal, then we can draw our own conclusions.

What he should get, if found guilty of a crime, is 20 years at hard labor with no chance of parole, but we know that he'll would get a slap on the wrist and be on his way while his victim remains dead and her family suffers.

Minneapolis 4th Precinct Robberies Crime Alert

The Minneapolis Police have issued a Crime Alert due to numerous robberies in Sector 2 and 3 of the 4th Precinct:

Fourth Precinct – Sector 2 and Sector 3 July 14, 2006


From July 5 to 8, seven women were robbed of their purses in Sectors 2 and 3. These robberies occurred between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. Several of the suspects approached the women from behind, snatched their purses, and fled. Two victims were also assaulted. One suspect was on a bicycle; one engaged a woman in small talk before snatching her purse; another grabbed the woman’s purse while she was on the bus and fled from the bus with it.

There have been several suspects. Information is sketchy and inconclusive.
I have a couple of issues with this news release. First, they indicate the robberies happened between 8:30 am and 2:00 am. That's almost an entire day. Wouldn't it be easier to say when the robberies didn't occur (2:00 am to 8:30 am)?

Second, there is no suspect descriptions. One suspect even engaged a victim in conversation before he committed the crime. Are we to believe the victim couldn't provide some basic information?

As always, beware the Minneapolis Quagmire.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Univ. Of Minnesota Student Attacked

Witnessing the social structure of a city crumbling before your own eyes is not pretty. It's painful to see the good people of Minneapolis suffer unchecked criminal violence, no matter what part of the city they are in. North Minneapolis gets the publicity, but you don't have to go there to become a victim; no part of Minneapolis is immune, not even the University of Minnesota.

KSTP Eyewitness News reports the latest outrage: "'U' Police hunt for assault suspect ".

The University of Minnesota Police Department is looking for a suspect that assaulted a student at University Village Apartments last Saturday. The entire incident was caught on surveillance tape.

The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. at the popular college apartments on University Ave. just east of the of the Minneapolis campus.

The man approached the apartments on a bicycle and followed the student to her apartment making derogatory statements toward her, according to police. The tape shows the man grabbing her and then touching her inappropriately. Police believed the suspect intended to do more harm to the student, but she screamed and he ran, police reported.
It's astonishing that this sewer rat would be bold enough to launch an attack in prime time. This does not bode well for potential future victims.

Here's the description and a photo:

The suspect is described as a white male, in his 30s with short, wavy blonde hair. He has a heavy build and what the victim described as a 'beer belly.' He is about 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Here's the link for the University of Minnesota Police crime alert page on this crime: "Assault - University Village Apartments". You can also find video of the attack at this site.

Here's another still photo released by authorities:

Please call the police immediately if you see this piece of human garbage. Let's get him, and now.

St. Paul Shooting/Murder

KARE 11 News reports one dead, several wounded in an overnight shooting in St. Paul:

Three people are recovering from injuries after a shooting inside a Saint Paul bar overnight.

It happened around 1:30 Friday morning at Diva's Overtime Lounge on Rice Street and Geranium Avenue west.

One of the victims was shot in the stomach, that person has died. Two others were shot in the leg.

Police are still investigating what instigated the violence. No one is in custody.
There is no suspect information is given.

[Photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

Crime Explodes In Washington, D.C.

Think we've got problems in Minneapolis/St. Paul? Believe it or not it could be worse, as the Red Star reports: "Tourists robbed hours after D.C. declares crime emergency".

WASHINGTON - Police beefed up patrols around national landmarks Wednesday, a day after the District of Columbia's police chief declared a crime emergency in response to a string of violence that included the killing of a British activist.

At least 14 people have been killed in Washington already this month, and, in the last 30 days, robberies have risen 14 percent and armed assaults have jumped 18 percent. Last year, homicides in the city fell to a 20-year low of 195.

Police Chief Charles Ramsey's emergency declaration allows commanders more flexibility to adjust officers' schedules and reassign them to high-crime areas.

Hours after the declaration, two groups of tourists were robbed at gunpoint on the National Mall, both by men dressed all in black.
Maybe it's inappropriate to call this "crime". What's the definition of war?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Wonder Criminals Are Running Wild In The Twin Cities

Hat tip to Rambix reader Andrew Rothman, Executive Director of the Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearm Instructors, for alerting me to yet another example of a slap on the wrist "sentence" for a vile criminal:

A former executive director of a Minneapolis agency that works with youths was sentenced last week for sexually assaulting a teenager.

Richard C. Pahl Jr. received a stayed 18-month jail sentence and was released to authorities in Michigan, where he is facing 12 federal counts of producing and possessing child pornography and several state counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.
This is a particularly egregious case, because this homosexual child molester was in a position of trust while he committed his crimes. Despite that, the Minnesota judge slapped his wrist. The "stayed sentence" is unconscionable.

His twisted lifestyle is revealed by the evidence:

A search of Pahl's house in Eden Prairie yielded 18 binders with pictures of naked boys from ages 5 to 16, according to a third-degree criminal sexual conduct complaint. Police don't know who produced the images.
Thankfully he's facing Federal counts in Michigan, where some real justice might be administered. Here's hoping this pervert will never be able to corrupt young boys again.

Coincidentally, I came across yet another Minnesota "justice" fiasco: "Add 10 years’ prison to long rap sheet".

On the evening of Oct. 13, Tyron T. Thomas walked out of an apartment building of the 3100 block of N. 6th Street and yelled to several people standing on a nearby street corner, "I've got my burner, y'all."

Then he walked to the corner, took a sawed-off shotgun -- his "burner" -- out of his pocket and fired a round into the air, letting the neighborhood know that this was his corner to sell drugs.

On Tuesday, Thomas, 26, who already had been convicted 31 times, including four felonies, was sentenced in U.S. District Court to 10 years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm. He must serve at least 8 ½ years.
This one is hard for me to believe, even in my jaded state. This case perfectly sums up the lack of justice in Minnesota. Can someone please explain why this criminal, with 31 convictions with four felonies, is ever free?

Andrew, you've struck a nerve here with me. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Is it any wonder people are getting robbed, slaughtered, and raped in Minneapolis on a daily basis?

There is a wide open opprtunity for someone with the time and drive to publish a blog about Minnesota judges, their decisions, and the Minnesota "justice" system. If someone is willing to step up, now is the time, because crime in Minnesota is out of control and elections are right around the corner. There won't be any shortage of material.

They Call It Murderapolis

Here we go again.

Minneapolis gangsters are trying hard, really hard, to turn the city into an urban battlefield. KSTP Eyewitness News reports yet another North Side murder: "Man murdered in North Minneapolis".

Minneapolis Police say one person was murdered Thursday afternoon in a shooting on the city’s troubled North Side.

The shooting occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. near the intersection of Dupont Ave. N. and Broadway Ave. W.

Police say they discovered a male and female victim when they arrived at the scene.

“The male victim was pronounced DOA, the other victim went to the hospital and we do not know the condition of that victim at this time,” the Minneapolis Police Department said.

The man is the 35 th person to be murdered in Minneapolis this year.
I'm not sure this is number 35, because the victim of the last fatal shooting came back to life, as far as I know.

Did I miss one?

Mr. Mayor, where are you?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brutal Stranger Rape in Minneapolis - Where Are The Print Reports?

Fox 9 News at 9:00 pm reported tonight on a brutal stranger rape that occurred a couple of weeks ago in Minneapolis. It was the lead story.

I haven't found anything about this in the print media yet, so a couple of questions come to mind: (1) why is no one (except Fox) reporting this obviously significant crime?, and (2) why is it being reported a couple of weeks after the fact?

UPDATE: The Red Star has now picked up the story here: "Man sought in sexual assault of bus rider".

From what I was able to gather, the victim and the alleged rapist were on the #5 bus (yes, that one) on a route from South Minneapolis to North Minneapolis. The woman exited the bus and the rapist followed her. He attacked her in or near an alley, and raped her twice. The criminal even fired a shot over her head during the ordeal. There are surveillance photos of the suspect.

Only in Minneapolis could a rapist fire a shot during an attack and no one would come running or notice.

Where are the print news reporters on this story? And where is the bus video footage of the suspect, which Fox 9 News reported is in the possession of the police?

There are more questions than answers at this time. I'd appreciate it if someone could point out a link or printed story.

Interview with The Blog Herald

If anyone's interested, I did an interview with The Blog Herald recently. My commentary is posted here, and the short interview section is posted here.

Matt, the editor of the Blog Herald has been a real gentleman. Thanks, Matt, for the opportunity.

A Minneapolis-style St. Paul Shooting

"Chief John Harrington noted that the people involved showed a complete disregard for the safety of the citizens of St. Paul."

The St. Paul Police have issued a Media Advisory following a broad-daylight shooting Monday. Although innocent people were in the line of fire, there were no injuries.


Saint Paul Police Department
367 Grove Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Tom Walsh, Public Information Coordinator
651-266-5735 - Office
651-755-9990- Cellular

July 7, 2006

Two Cars Struck By Bullets

On Monday, June 26th at about 5:30 P.M. there was a report of shots fired On Norton near Maryland in St.Paul. It appears two groups of people exchanged several shots at each other. Three of those shots struck the vehicle of a senior citizen whose residence is close by. Another struck the door frame of a car driven by a woman taking her child to a sporting event. The parties involved then left the area and went East on Maryland toward Jackson St. Several squads responded and were aided by the State Patrol helicopter but were unable to apprehend or identify the suspects.

No one was injured in this case and it is still under investigation.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

South Minneapolis Residents Arming Up

It's come to this, folks. Residents in South Minneapolis are forced to "strap up" just to live in their own neighborhoods. And to think that Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar is playing up her crime fighting record. KSTP Eyewitness News reports: "Quiet neighborhood concerned about thefts".

Residents of a south Minneapolis neighborhood are on alert today after two homes have been burgled in the past two days.

The burglaries have occurred in a small area along a two-block area of Harriet Ave. S. at 40 th St. W.

Police say there have been other reports of attempted break-ins in the same area.
Criminals know that liberals and peaceniks inhabit most houses in this area, so they'll have easy pickings.

Well, maybe not all:

Resident [redacted by request] now uses his license to carry a gun because of his concern.

"I'll protect my wife and I'll protect myself," [redacted by request] says. "These people have no business coming in here and trying to take our things and to hurt us in any way."

Another resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she is scared after someone broke into her home Sunday evening while she was on her porch and stole her purse.

"You read about crime and you know it can happen to anybody, but until you experience it more closely you feel pretty protected,” she says. "It's frightening, it's absolutely frightening."
Yes, it's frightening. Call Amy Klobuchar and the boy-Mayor Rybak and let them know how you feel.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Is Kathleen Soliah Out Of Prison?

Is "Our Little Terrorist" on the loose? KARE 11 News reports an attack on the Minneapolis Police 4th Precinct station by an explosive device. Such a brazen attack fits Soliah's M.O. - can she account for her whereabouts?

Here's the report: "Crime hits close to home for some Minneapolis police officers".

Friday afternoon, just seconds after a Minneapolis police squad car pulled away from the fourth precinct station in north Minneapolis, on an explosive device detonated.

"Because of the height of the fences they would have probably just had to take a throw and lob it over here. It was fortunate none of our officers were injured," said Police Lieutennat Maderia Arradondo.

Police Sergeant Frank Ellering, who was at the precinct's front desk at the time of the explosion, said the blast was pretty powerful, "I did feel the building shake slightly and looked out the window and saw the large cloud of smoke and ran outside."
This is incredible. They should have locked down that sector, with no one coming and no one going while they hunted the bomber(s).

Police figure someone hid behind a foliage covered fence and tossed the device into the parking lot. Police say it was bigger than a firework. Bomb squad investigators found cardboard type debris around the gray area burned into the tar. The explosion happened just outside the police department's firing range door.
I don't understand how someone could get away with this. And this just doesn't make sense:

The blast was partially captured on videotape from a surveillance camera on the side of the precinct building. But because of the angle of the camera it didn't show over the fence where the device was apparently thrown from.

Police say they will improve surveillance camera angles so if there's a next time, they may be able to get a picture of those responsible.
Improve camera angles?

The surrounding area should have been sealed off immediately. There's no information given as to the actual response.

The 4th Precinct cops are no pushovers, so what happened here? How can a criminal throw a bomb at police property and get away?

It defies belief, but maybe there's a good explanation.

St. Paul Home Invasion

Thugs have terrorized a family in St. Paul, according to KARE 11 News. Information is thin at this point, and the rats remain on the loose. No explanation is given for why the story is reported so long after the crime.

Here's the KARE 11 News story: "St. Paul Police looking for robbery suspects".

Saint Paul Police are searching for two suspects involved in a home invasion last Friday afternoon.

Police says two black males, dressed as employees of a gas company, strong armed their way into a home in the 400 block of Winslow Avenue.

Police say the once inside the home they demanded cash and drugs from the residents. Police say the occupants of the home have only been living in this place for 30 days and have no records or known history of drug or sales.

Police believe the men were looking for the previous residents.

The suspects left the scene in a white van with a ladder on top and side windows.

No one was injured during the assault.
Although I spend a lot of time with Minneapolis crime stories, I can't forget the other Twin City, St. Paul. Thugs know no boundaries, and St. Paul has their own problems, as is evidenced by this story.

Let's get these criminals before they kill someone.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another Minneapolis Murder (Or Is It?)

Forgive me, I'm a little confused. I've been documenting each Minneapolis murder as they come along, and by my count there had been 33 before the latest shooting on the North Side.

Number 33 by my count was the child killed by his father, on which I reported here. Was that not a murder?

The reason I ask is because Fox 9 News reported the killing earlier today as #33. By my count it would be 34.

This doesn't seem too hard. Was the child killing a murder or not?

In any event, there isn't a lot of local reporting yet on last night's (actually very early this morning) murder. WCCO News has a short story here: "Police Investigating Possible Homicide Case".

(WCCO) Minneapolis Police are investigating a homicide after discovering a body at 7th (&) Penn Ave. N in Minneapolis early Sunday morning.

Officers responded to a one-car crash report at 4:30 a.m. and found an adult male in the driver's sea.

They were able to determine the victim had suffered an apparent gunshot wound. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The name of the victim has not been released. There are currently no leads in this case.
What's not mentioned is something Fox 9 News reported on their 9 pm newscast; not only was there a murder, there was also a separate shooting of a bicyclist on the North Side. I believe the report was that the victim remains in serious condition. The WCCO article doesn't mention this.

The Star Tribune also weighs in on Minneapolis' latest murder: "Shooting victim crashes SUV, later dies".

Chao Xiong, Star Tribune
Last update: July 09, 2006 – 8:40 PM

A man who had been shot crashed his car early Sunday and later died at a hospital.
Capt. Rich Stanek said authorities don't know the motive in the homicide. Police have no suspects and have not made any arrests.

The victim, a man in his late teens or early 20s, was driving a sport-utility vehicle when he crashed into a parked car and light pole about 4:30 a.m. in the 700 block of Penn Avenue N., police said. He was the only one in the vehicle.

He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center and pronounced dead a short time later. His identity has not been released.
In case you haven't noticed the trend, 7th and Penn North is not the place to be. Ever.

Authorities don't know where the shooting took place, Stanek said. The crash occurred just shy of the intersection of 8th and Penn Avs. N., just a block from where Brian T. Cole, 18, was fatally shot June 17.

Theresa Schiller was hit in the eye by a bullet in February at that corner. Police said it was a random shooting; she survived.
The media has not reported any statement being issued from Mayor Rybak's office.

Where are you, Mr. Mayor?

UPDATE: KARE 11 is now reporting this new murder as #34.

UPDATE UPDATE: As God is my witness, the Red Star is now reporting this may not have been a murder.

In fact, if I'm reading this right, they're saying it's a homicide and not a homicide in the same article:

Last update: July 09, 2006 – 10:17 PM

After being shot, man crashes his SUV


Chao Xiong, Star Tribune

A man who had been shot and crashed his car early Sunday in north Minneapolis was being treated at a hospital for his injuries.

Police initially said the man had died.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Guardian Angel Steps Up

A Guardian Angel in training, that is.

In a previous post, I asked rhetorically where the Guardian Angels have been during the recent Minneapolis Uprising. As if in response, KSTP Eyewitness News reports on the heroism of GA "trainees": "Guardian Angels already help robbery victim".

The Guardian Angels won’t officially begin patrolling Minneapolis streets until mid-September, but one recruit has already helped one man.

Thomas White is still training for the Guardian Angels, but he helped one man who was being robbed in the parking lot of Sully’s Bar on Central Ave. in Northeast Minneapolis.

Bill Connelly was leaving the bar when two men attacked him, leaving him unconscious.

"I was just going home, and the next thing I know I woke up in the hospital," Connelly says.

White just happened to be nearby, and was there within minutes to scare off the attackers.

The suspects stole Connelly’s cell phone and car keys, but not the cash in his pocket.
The GA's will get see a lot of action in Minneapolis, and Minneapolis can use their help.

The incident illustrates why the Guardian Angels are needed, says Director John Schulte.

"All of a sudden he's got guys robbing him, beating him up, knocking him out and trying to steal everything he's got," Schulte says. "They could've killed that guy."

Connelly spent the night and most of Thursday in the hospital due to head trauma.

He is grateful to White for the help.

"That's great that someone stepped up and helped like that,” Connelly says. “We need more people like that."
The Guardian Angels are just one component of many that are needed. This incident reflects the heroism of a citizen helping another citizen in time of need, but it also gives us a window on the growing violent underbelly of a once-fine city.

[Photo courtesy KSTP News]

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Minneapolis murder #33 did not involve Uptown visitors, Block E patrons, or even a street thug skirmish. This was even worse.

KARE 11 News reports: "Father arrested in the death of his child".

The 33rd murder in Minneapolis took place on July 4th on Pleasant Avenue south. The victim was just four-months old and the residence just two miles away from the Crisis Nursery.

Police were called to a home in the 2500 block of Pleasant Avenue South early on July fourth. They found the baby unresponsive and not breathing. The baby's 20-year-old father had been caring for the infant and admitted to covering the baby with a blanket.

"The baby was apparently crying, dad become upset and irritated that the child wouldn't stop crying and essentially covered the baby up, smothering him and not allowing him to breath," said Minneapolis Police Captain Rich Stanek.

Stanek said the father first placed what was described as a receiving blanket over the child then laid a comforter over the boys head. The father left the room for some two hours returning only after the child's mother, his fiancé, returned home from work. The couple have four other small children.
There's not much to say about this one, except God have mercy.

This father was on his 5th child and he's only 20 years old - children having children. Where were the parental role models?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Univ. of Minnesota "Dinkytown" Robbery

Welcome to the University of Minnesota, now gimme your money!

There may still be a few cynics out there who have dismissed the 400+ previous Rambix actual-crime posts as being overblown, inflated hyperbole. Will this post convince you crime in Minneapolis is out of control?

Many of you may already know that Dinkytown is the small, several block square village on the edge of the University of Minnesota's East Bank campus in Minneapolis. The area is populated by students, professors, athletes, and the general university society.

It has typically been a safe area, especially at the early hour of 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night.

The appearance of safety may be illusory, as KSTP Eyewitness News reports an armed robbery by four teenage thugs, and no victim could look more innocent than Mr. Arnfelt: "'U' student robbed at gunpoint in Dinkytown".

A student at the University of Minnesota was robbed at gunpoint by a group of teenagers in the Dinkytown neighborhood.

Police say the robbery occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. Tuesday evening, and was followed by another an hour later.

University senior Charlie Arnfelt said he was surprised when the four teenagers robbed him.

"It still just boggles my mind," says Arnfelt. "I put my hands up and said, ‘Take everything.’"

Arnfelt says the youths took credit cards, an expensive watch and $50 in cash.

“One of them is pointing the gun and the others are just grabbing at me, taking everything out of my pockets and I'm handing them as much stuff as I can at the same time,” he says.
There are inexplicably no suspect descriptions (If anyone reading this blog has contact with the victim and he would be willing to provide suspect descriptions or other background information to Rambix and the Red Star, please email me at:

These sewer rats also robbed another person, but one of them was caught. Let's hope the police round up the remaining scumbags forthwith.

Crime is definitely out of control near the Univ. of Minnesota, but this tracks with the Minneapolis experience as a whole.

Police say crime in the precinct including Dinkytown is up significantly over last year. Robbery is up 84 percent and assault is up 41 percent in the Second Precinct.
Those are sobering and unacceptable numbers.

What will it take?

Minneapolis Uprising

"Minneapolis had another busy 24 hours - with yet another killing, a stabbing, and an unexplained chase overnight."

Welcome to Mayor Rybak's fine city. Strap on your Kevlar, leave your valuables at home.

I've posted on the shooting/murder #32 in the previous entry, but KARE 11 News has provided a summary of the recent mayhem: "Minneapolis cops see another tough day".

Minneapolis had another busy 24 hours - with yet another killing, a stabbing, and an unexplained chase overnight.

One woman remains hospitalized following a stabbing just after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. The incident happened just after near the intersection of Portland avenue and east 15th street.

Authorities arrived to find a woman with stab wounds to the stomach. There is no word on her condition. Police say they are still searching for suspects.
Meanwhile, more killers are on the loose:

Minneapolis Police are also looking for two men involved in a deadly shooting on the city's south side early in the day Tuesday.
The article says the murder is the 31st of the year for Minneapolis, but I believe it's actually the 32nd (with this murder being the 31st)..

And finally:

Overnight a police chase ended with a crash between a motorcycle and car collided at 25th and Fremont Avenue north.

The crash sparked a fire. The motorcyclist and a passenger in the car were taken to the hospital. No word on their conditions.

Authorities have released few details about the chase - it is unclear who the police were chasing prior to the crash.
The Minneapolis Quagmire continues.

[Photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

P.S. I'd like to see our friends at Power Line weigh in on the continuing escalation of violence in Minneapolis and the inability of the liberal power structure to do anything about it. Their analysis of the situation would carry a lot of weight and reach. How about it guys?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Minneapolis Murder #32

Before I give you the official news source on Minneapolis murder #32, I'll post a comment made by Rambix reader "anonymous" from the front lines:

Murder #32(?) took place this morning 3 blocks from my house.

I was getting ready to take the kids to the park when I heard 6 loud popping sounds. My husband dismissed it as fire crackers, but I thought it sounded more ominous.

When we were walking to the park, we saw 2 police cars with their sirens and lights on, speeding west on 35th.

We had a nice, peaceful hour at the park, but when we were walking back, we noticed all sorts of activity down on 35th and Chicago: intersection taped off, ambulance, news vans and cameras.

I found out later from a neighbor that a young man who has lived in the neighborhood his entire life & is a gang member was walking to the corner store on 35th and Chicago,where his rivals were lying in wait for him and shot him. He had made it back to his childhood home, where he apparently died.

It is very disquieting that this happened at all, let alone before noon on a holiday where people like to be out and about, enjoying their day off, etc. Not to mention the 4th of July Celebration/fireworks at Powderhorn Park this evening. We don't want to let this stop us from attending, but we are more concerned about our safety than we have ever been in the past.
Anonymous 07.04.06 - 4:09 pm

Minneapolis violent criminals know no time, no day, no holiday. They'll take their victims anytime and anyplace as evidenced by this broad-daylight 4th of July slaying.

[Hat tip Anon, Chunkstyle]

Here's the KSTP Eyewitness News report: "Man shot dead on S. Minneapolis street".

A man was shot and killed near a store at 35th St. and Chicago Ave. on the city's south side on this holiday morning, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has confirmed. Emergency crews are on the scene.

The victim apparently stumbled into Toni's Market at 3500 Chicago Ave. S. after being shot.

The shooting happened around 10:15 a.m. Police are looking for a suspect. This does not appear to be a random killing, police reported.

The victim is the 32nd person killed in Minneapolis this year.
More details can be found at KARE 11 News:

Police believe that two men approached the victim as he crossed 35th Street. There was an argument and one of the men fired several shots. Although mortally wounded, the victim was able to make it into Toni's where he asked store clerks to call police before he collapsed and died. The suspects fled on foot, leading to a neighborhood manhunt.

"I need you to come outside," called the amplified voice of a Police Sergeant standing behind his squad car. "This is the Minneapolis Police Department. I need you to come outside with your hands up."

Witnesses guided police to a house on nearby Elliot Avenue where a man was taken into custody for questioning and the house was searched with dogs. The scene has become all too familiar to residents of the area.

Javier Garcia watched the police action and hugged his two children. "Same yellow tape like the last time. They had this whole block blocked off so I'm just kind of worried about what's going on now. I mean I got my kids and it's kind of unsafe for them just to be running around outside. That's the thing that concerns me most."
Which leader is prepared to advocate cracking down in a Draconian fashion on the criminals who are intent on taking Minneapolis down the sewer with them?

Happy Birthday America

Monday, July 03, 2006

Have You Seen This Pervert?


"Maple Grove suspect arrested overnight"

We live in a world that no matter where you are or what you're doing, you can't let your guard down when it comes to your children. Affluent Maple Grove, Minnesota, of all places, is not excluded from the reach of predators and perverts, as KSTP Eyewitness News reports: "Police: Man fondled girls in local Wal-Mart".

Authorities are hunting for a man that allegedly reached into the shirts of two young girls while walking through the toy department at Wal-Mart in Maple Grove last week.

The alleged incident happened Tuesday, June 27 at Wal-Mart at 9451 Dunkirk Lane in the northwest suburb during the afternoon. The girls were 10- and 8-years-old.

The stores security cameras recorded the suspect leaving in a Green Jeep Cherokee, possibly 1997-2001 model year.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has issue a crime alert. The alert warns people not to confront the suspect if they see him and to call police immediately.

The man is described as a white male in his 40s. Security photos of the suspect show that he has a goatee and eyeglasses.
I'm going to reluctantly use the word "alleged" until the suspect is convicted, but if you've seen the alleged pervert as depicted in the photos, or if you've seen his vehicle, call your local police or 911 immediately.

This (alleged) sewer rat is just one of many out there who would molest your kid in a New York minute if the opportunity presented itself. Don't let him or others get away with this, and don't let your kids out of your sight.

[Photos courtesy KSTP]

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Minneapolis Stabbing Murder Makes 31

[This entry was revised to reflect the correct total of Minneapolis murders in 2005]

There were 47 murders in 2005 in Mayor Rybak's Minneapolis, and we are on pace to exceed that amount this year. We pray that doesn't happen, but the signs look ominous.

(By the way, where are the Guardian Angels?)

The Red Star has the most comprehensive detail of the killing at this point: "Man stabbed to death in north Minneapolis".

A Minneapolis man who was stabbed and killed Friday night on the city's North Side was identified Saturday by authorities as 25-year-old Mark Joseph Timothy Shields.

Police said they have good leads on the whereabouts of the suspect, who allegedly stabbed Shields outside a home on the 3800 block of Bryant Avenue N.

"We're tracking [the suspect] down," said Capt. Rich Stanek.
Here's some public information on the victim, from

All Reported Dates of Birth

All Known Aliases/Alternate Spellings
Shields, Mark Joseph
Sheilds, Mark Joseph
Shields, Marc Josephtimothy
Hinter, Justin
Shields, Marks Joseph
Hitner, Justin
Shileds, Marks Joseph
Shields, Mark Joseph tim
Shields, Mark Timothy
Shields, Mark Joseoh timothy
Shields, Mark josep H timothy
Shields, Mark Joseph timothy

Convictions and Sentencing

Conviction Number: 001

Case Number: 98007444
Court File Number: K198002068
Disposition Date: 05/18/1999
Controlling Agency: Grand Rapids Police Department
Court Agency: Itasca District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Itasca County Jail
Assigned Probation Agency: Mn Dept Of Corrections/field Services
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Theft
Statute Number: 609.52
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $1010
Restitution Amount: $200
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence:
Probation Sentence: 5 Years
Conditional Confinement: 90 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 002
Case Number: 01000634
Court File Number: KX01044540
Disposition Date: 08/07/2001
Controlling Agency: Osseo Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Driving While Impaired
Statute Number: 169A.20
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $50
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $3
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $35
Pronounced Sentence: 180 Days
Probation Sentence: 4 Years
Conditional Confinement: 30 Days
Conviction Level: Gross Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 002
Case Number: 01000634
Court File Number: KX01044540
Disposition Date: 08/07/2001
Controlling Agency: Osseo Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 002
General Offense:
Statute Description: Harassment-Violation of Restraining Order
Statute Number: 609.748.6
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 30 Days
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 003
Case Number: 01001125
Court File Number: KX01071402
Disposition Date: 12/10/2001
Controlling Agency: Hennepin Co *
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense: Aid/Abet
Statute Description: Burglary
Statute Number: 609.582
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $50
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $269
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 28 Months
Probation Sentence: 5 Years
Conditional Confinement: 90 Days
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 004
Case Number: 01000634
Court File Number: KX01044540
Disposition Date: 06/12/2002
Controlling Agency: Osseo Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Harassment-Violation of Restraining Order
Statute Number: 609.748.6
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 30 Days
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 004
Case Number: 01000634
Court File Number: KX01044540
Disposition Date: 06/12/2002
Controlling Agency: Osseo Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 002
General Offense:
Statute Description: Driving While Impaired
Statute Number: 169A.20
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 180 Days
Probation Sentence: 4 Years
Conditional Confinement: 30 Days
Conviction Level: Gross Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 005
Case Number: 02018845
Court File Number: 02050697
Disposition Date: 06/28/2002
Controlling Agency: Maple Grove Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency:
Assigned Probation Agency:
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Give Peace Officer False Name/Birthdate/ID Card
Statute Number: 609.506.1
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $0
Stayed Fine: $0
Court Cost Amount: $0
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $0
Pronounced Sentence: 6 Days
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor

Conviction Number: 006
Case Number: 04003509
Court File Number: KX04065440
Disposition Date: 06/14/2005
Controlling Agency: Hennepin Co *
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: MN Dept Corrections - St Paul
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County Probation Off
Count Number: 001
General Offense: Attempt to Commit
Statute Description: Burglary-1st Deg-Burglary of Occupied Dwelling
Statute Number: 609.582.1A
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $5250
Stayed Fine: $5200
Court Cost Amount: $3
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $60
Pronounced Sentence: 15 Months
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 007
Case Number: 04032244
Court File Number: KX04065089
Disposition Date: 06/14/2005
Controlling Agency: Maple Grove Police Department
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: MN Dept Corrections - St Paul
Assigned Probation Agency:
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Burglary
Statute Number: 609.582
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $6000
Stayed Fine: $5950
Court Cost Amount: $3
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $60
Pronounced Sentence: 13 Months
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Felony

Conviction Number: 008
Case Number: 04041546
Court File Number: KX05000566
Disposition Date: 06/14/2005
Controlling Agency: Hennepin Co Atty
Court Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Assigned Custodial Agency: Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Corrections
Assigned Probation Agency: Hennepin County District Court
Count Number: 001
General Offense:
Statute Description: Domestic Abuse-Violate Order for Protection
Statute Number: 518B.01.14.A
Disposition: Convicted
Pronounced Fine: $300
Stayed Fine: $250
Court Cost Amount: $3
Restitution Amount: $0
Assessment Amount: $60
Pronounced Sentence: 90 Days
Probation Sentence:
Conditional Confinement:
Conviction Level: Misdemeanor
It's possible the victim was known to police.

The Minneapolis Quagmire continues, despite State Patrol reinforcements, the Guardian Angels, and Mayor Ryback's Safe City initiative.

South Minneapolis Shooting, Two In Custody

The Fox 9 News website is the weakest of the four local broadcast stations, yet they appear to have scooped the other three, as well as the Red Star, on a shooting/standoff in South Minneapolis (I reported on this crime in my previous post based on information from the Minneapolis Police).

Although the incident happened yesterday, the story is still poorly developed in this news account: "SWAT team sent in to end stand-off".

MINNEAPOLIS-- It's one of the bigger stand-offs the city has ever seen. It all started after a shooting on 5th Avenue South just after 10:00 this morning.

A man was shot several times. A short time later, police believed the suspect barricaded himself on a house on 1st Avenue near 39th Street West. Negotiatiors tried to talk him out of the building. With no success, the SWAT team was sent in.
Two men were arrested and are being questioned.

Rambix reader and commenter Silence Dogood tells us there was a shooting on the North Side and a fatal stabbing overnight Friday/Saturday. I see no news accounts of this yet. I'll post as information becomes available.