Tuesday, July 11, 2006

South Minneapolis Residents Arming Up

It's come to this, folks. Residents in South Minneapolis are forced to "strap up" just to live in their own neighborhoods. And to think that Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar is playing up her crime fighting record. KSTP Eyewitness News reports: "Quiet neighborhood concerned about thefts".

Residents of a south Minneapolis neighborhood are on alert today after two homes have been burgled in the past two days.

The burglaries have occurred in a small area along a two-block area of Harriet Ave. S. at 40 th St. W.

Police say there have been other reports of attempted break-ins in the same area.
Criminals know that liberals and peaceniks inhabit most houses in this area, so they'll have easy pickings.

Well, maybe not all:

Resident [redacted by request] now uses his license to carry a gun because of his concern.

"I'll protect my wife and I'll protect myself," [redacted by request] says. "These people have no business coming in here and trying to take our things and to hurt us in any way."

Another resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she is scared after someone broke into her home Sunday evening while she was on her porch and stole her purse.

"You read about crime and you know it can happen to anybody, but until you experience it more closely you feel pretty protected,” she says. "It's frightening, it's absolutely frightening."
Yes, it's frightening. Call Amy Klobuchar and the boy-Mayor Rybak and let them know how you feel.