Monday, July 10, 2006

Is Kathleen Soliah Out Of Prison?

Is "Our Little Terrorist" on the loose? KARE 11 News reports an attack on the Minneapolis Police 4th Precinct station by an explosive device. Such a brazen attack fits Soliah's M.O. - can she account for her whereabouts?

Here's the report: "Crime hits close to home for some Minneapolis police officers".

Friday afternoon, just seconds after a Minneapolis police squad car pulled away from the fourth precinct station in north Minneapolis, on an explosive device detonated.

"Because of the height of the fences they would have probably just had to take a throw and lob it over here. It was fortunate none of our officers were injured," said Police Lieutennat Maderia Arradondo.

Police Sergeant Frank Ellering, who was at the precinct's front desk at the time of the explosion, said the blast was pretty powerful, "I did feel the building shake slightly and looked out the window and saw the large cloud of smoke and ran outside."
This is incredible. They should have locked down that sector, with no one coming and no one going while they hunted the bomber(s).

Police figure someone hid behind a foliage covered fence and tossed the device into the parking lot. Police say it was bigger than a firework. Bomb squad investigators found cardboard type debris around the gray area burned into the tar. The explosion happened just outside the police department's firing range door.
I don't understand how someone could get away with this. And this just doesn't make sense:

The blast was partially captured on videotape from a surveillance camera on the side of the precinct building. But because of the angle of the camera it didn't show over the fence where the device was apparently thrown from.

Police say they will improve surveillance camera angles so if there's a next time, they may be able to get a picture of those responsible.
Improve camera angles?

The surrounding area should have been sealed off immediately. There's no information given as to the actual response.

The 4th Precinct cops are no pushovers, so what happened here? How can a criminal throw a bomb at police property and get away?

It defies belief, but maybe there's a good explanation.