Friday, July 07, 2006

A Guardian Angel Steps Up

A Guardian Angel in training, that is.

In a previous post, I asked rhetorically where the Guardian Angels have been during the recent Minneapolis Uprising. As if in response, KSTP Eyewitness News reports on the heroism of GA "trainees": "Guardian Angels already help robbery victim".

The Guardian Angels won’t officially begin patrolling Minneapolis streets until mid-September, but one recruit has already helped one man.

Thomas White is still training for the Guardian Angels, but he helped one man who was being robbed in the parking lot of Sully’s Bar on Central Ave. in Northeast Minneapolis.

Bill Connelly was leaving the bar when two men attacked him, leaving him unconscious.

"I was just going home, and the next thing I know I woke up in the hospital," Connelly says.

White just happened to be nearby, and was there within minutes to scare off the attackers.

The suspects stole Connelly’s cell phone and car keys, but not the cash in his pocket.
The GA's will get see a lot of action in Minneapolis, and Minneapolis can use their help.

The incident illustrates why the Guardian Angels are needed, says Director John Schulte.

"All of a sudden he's got guys robbing him, beating him up, knocking him out and trying to steal everything he's got," Schulte says. "They could've killed that guy."

Connelly spent the night and most of Thursday in the hospital due to head trauma.

He is grateful to White for the help.

"That's great that someone stepped up and helped like that,” Connelly says. “We need more people like that."
The Guardian Angels are just one component of many that are needed. This incident reflects the heroism of a citizen helping another citizen in time of need, but it also gives us a window on the growing violent underbelly of a once-fine city.

[Photo courtesy KSTP News]