Thursday, October 26, 2006

Passing The Baton


[don't forget the "1" after rambix; yes, someone else already had just "rambix" as their gmail address! A pox upon his or her house.]

Rambix has retired, but Minneapolis violent crime continues unabated.

Fortunately, the crime alert baton has been picked up by smart and insightful blogger Margaret Martin, who is also co-host of the local radio show, "The Taxpayers League", on AM 1280 The Patriot. There's no question that Margaret will take crime reporting and holding public official's feet to the fire to new levels. Visit the Minneapolis Crime Watch early and often.

Rambix tipsters: please send your crime tips Margaret's way. She'll be discreet if that's what you need.

Another local Minneapolis-based "activist" is John Schulte of the Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP). You can subscribe to his email newsletter by sending an email to with Subscribe to Crime Alerts in the subject line.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It Is Time... retire from Rambix and the Red Star.

This is harder than I thought it would be, mostly because I've had a great time doing this blog. A really great time. I have criminal justice running through my veins, so this venture was an easy and natural fit for me, and the people I've "met" through blogging are the best of the best.

The challenge is there is no natural stopping point for a blog. I never really had a time frame in mind when I started blogging; I just figured I'd do it until I got sick of it. And frankly, I'm not sick of it at all - I still love exposing things you'll not read about in the MSM, particularly the Red Star.

The reason I'm retiring is that the blogging is encroaching on my personal life, and has been interfering with family time. I have a young child who is growing faster than I can believe, and I just don't want to miss any of it. If I was a single guy it would be a different story. I think anyone who is married with young children might understand.

Aside from family life, I want to have more time to immerse myself in my faith, and to have that focus be an example for my child.

Don't worry, I haven't gone soft. I still despise criminal scumbags and the girlie-men who allow them to fester in our once-fine cities. I still think Mayor Rybak is an empty suit, and the Minneapolis city council couldn't run a 7-11 store, much less a mid-sized city like Minneapolis (the difference is if it was 7-11 they would just go out of business; with Minneapolis they are perpetually enabled by the wishy-washy liberal multiculturalist urban socialists).

It's really going to be painful not to be able to write about the crime stories ignored by the MSM, because, believe me, the Quagmire ain't over.

The Rambix blog has been doing better than ever, but I didn't do it for ego. I did it to get the word out, to create an awareness, and because I care about crime victims and potential victims (and there are a lot of potential victims in Minneapolis). I think I succeeded to some degree.

I've never been comfortable with the personal attention. I've turned down a couple of radio interviews, a magazine/periodical interview, and personal appearances. People have been generous and accomodating, but those things aren't me. Don't get me wrong, I like the increased exposure for readership and to spread the message, but the focus should be on crime and quality of life and the victims.

I'll still be involved in the "community" in other ways. I'm also going to follow and read the best bloggers in the country, many of which are located right here in the Twin Cities. Minnesota has a first-class local blogging community, and I'll be checking in as often as possible. I hope that some of them pick up some of the crime reporting: KvM, Anti-Strib (and it's socialist-like collective of smart bloggers), Powerline, Shot in the Dark (Mitch Berg - the best blog writer out there, in my view), Fraters Libertas, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, and many others found in the MOB blogroll.

I'm grateful and appreciate of all the readers and frequent commenters of the Rambix blog, such as Margaret Martin, Nordeaster (vote for him if you're in his district), McGruv, jb doubtless, Andrew Rothman, bobby_b, crap, usedtobeliberal, AntiElf, Joel Rosenberg, jay, The Watcher, Kevin from Minneapolis, all the "anonymous's", ORD to MSP, bud, a Cedar-Riversider and NRA mem, amy, Bjorn, team ramrod, Rebecca, nathan bissonette, Chunkstyle, Greg, Rich, Spectator, PaulC, Sam, Silence Dogood, and many, many others. There's a lot of talent in these names (and others I may have missed), and I hope to see some of them who haven't been blogging start their own and share their wisdom.

Sorry about the long post - I just have a lot to say as I wrap this up.

It's been a lot of fun.

If you're now aware that the Red Star filters your crime stories and suppresses certain information to fit their social engineering, then I've done my job.

If you're now aware that Mayor Rybak and the Minneapolis City Council are ineffective empty suits, then I've done my job.

If you're now aware that criminals from different states and countries are importing their filth and violence to Minneapolis and the Twin Cities and beyond, then I've done my job.

If you're now aware that blogs are the future of information flow and truth, and that MSM such as the Red Star know it, then I've done my job.

Stay safe, never let your guard down, and never let the scumbags win. And never stop trying to get the useless politicians out of office - don't entrust your safety to people who can't do the job.


P.S. I'll leave the blog page up for awhile for reference.

University Robberies Continue & Other Minneapolis Crime

The University of Minnesota Police have issued another campus crime alert following two broad daylight robberies. The brazen manner of these criminals is very troubling, and caution should be exercised:

robberies - st. paul campus
POSTED: october 11, 2006

There have been two recent robberies along Cleveland Avenue on the St. Paul Campus. One occurred near the intersection of Buford Avenue and the other was near the intersection of Doswell Avenue. Both locations are just south of Bailey Hall. They occurred as follows:

Just before 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10, 2006, a young adult visitor to campus was robbed near the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Buford Avenue. One of the suspects implied that he had a gun. The victim was not injured and the suspects fled with his wallet and backpack and departed in a dark colored mini-van being driven by a third suspect. The suspects were described by the victim as being two males in their late teens to early twenties, approximately six-feet tall, of light build, and of East-African origin. One was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, and the other was dressed in dark clothing.

Just after 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11, 2006, a student was robbed near the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Doswell Avenue. The victim was approached by two males who demanded the victim's book bag. One of the suspects held something to the victim's back while the suspects wrestled the victim to the ground. The suspects took the victim's book bag and ran westbound on Doswell Avenue from Cleveland Avenue. The victim was not seriously injured. Both suspects were described as being males in their early twenties, approximately 5' 6" to 5' 10" tall with medium builds and dark complexions. One suspect was described as wearing a brown striped thigh-length long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans and the other was described as wearing an orange long-sleeve shirt.
Cleveland Avenue is a busy thoroughfare in the afternoon, and it is hoped that somebody witnessed the incidents as they were driving or walking by. Anyone with information regarding the suspects or the vehicle in either incident is encouraged to call the University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD) at 612-624-COPS (2677) to assist us in solving this crime.
Meanwhile, other than students getting mugged in the middle of the day in Mayor Rybak's Minneapolis, not much else happening. Except...this from the 4th Precinct:

CCN: MP 06-284329
LOCATION: 6th St. N. & 31st Ave. N.
TIME: 2045 hrs October 2, 2006
DESCRIPTION: Officers responded to SHOOT at above location. The victims sustained gunshot wounds to their legs. Both victims were transported to NMMC with non-life threatening injuries.

CCN: 06-284388, Squad 463, Officer’s Haugland and Beeks were en route to HCJ with a prisoner and were eastbound on 4th St S and were entering the intersection at 2nd Ave S when a vehicle drove through the red light heading southbound on 2nd Ave S. Officer Beeks attempted to avoid the collision but collided with the right rear passenger side of the vehicle causing moderate damage. Squad (460) sustained moderate front end damage.
Officers were slightly injured. The prisoner claimed that his back was injured and was transported to HCMC via ambulance and was eventually booked at HCJ. Traffic squad responded and handled the state accident report.

CCN: 06-284594, Squad 425, Officer’s Taylor and Tuma initiated a TLE at 0154 hours in the area of Lyndale Ave N/Lowry Ave N. The rear passenger bails and is seen running from the vehicle with a pistol in his hand. He was never found. The driver was booked for CANCELIPS. One of the passengers had a warrant and was booked at HCJ.

CCN: MP 06-285743
LOCATION: Girard Av. N. & 18th Ave. N.
TIME: 0510 hrs October 4, 2006
DESCRIPTION: The victim showed up at HCMC with a grazing gun shot wound to the thigh. The victim reported that he was shot during an attempted robbery. The victim reported that this incident occurred at 0200 hours.

Assault 3
36XX Fremont Av N

Squads were sent to above on an assault. Officers arrive and find the victim sitting on the sidewalk outside above. This victim was hit and kicked in the face and head by unknown suspects. During the assault, victim tried to run away but as he stepped off the curb he snapped his ankle, severely breaking his ankle. Victim transported to the hospital via ambulance.

13XX Irving Ave N

A male and female who were boyfriend/girlfriend were in a verbal argument. During the argument the male struck the female in the head with a cutting board and the female stabbed the male. The male received a non life threatening injury to his arm. The male was transported to HCMC and the female was booked for Aslt2.

False Info

On 10-07-06 Officer Hagen in squad 410 conducted a traffic stop. The 2 occupants of the vehicle got out and smelled of marijuana. While Officer Hagen was investigating a handgun was observed on the passenger floor of the vehicle. Both parties were taken into custody for the weapon. Burnt marijuana residue was located in the vehicle along with the gun which was found to be a stolen gun. One of the parties gave a false name. Both parties were adults and booked into HCJ for PC Weapons, R&C and giving a false name to police.

2600 block Penn Av N
0355 hrs

Squad 425 was traveling SB on Penn when officers observe a male lying in the street and females screaming for help on the sidewalk. Females tell officers male victim was apparently assaulting his girlfriend (a witness to stabbing) when two suspects intervened. One suspect stabbed victim in the eye while the second suspect punched and kicked him. Both suspects fled the area before police arrived. Female witnesses claim the suspects are unknown to them and unknown why they would stab the victim.

Victims injury was non-life threatening.

On 10/08/2006 at 1332 Officer responded to 43XX James on the report of a shooting. The victim was shot in the head and at the time of this email is alive and being treated at NMMC.

The shooting occurred inside 43XX Knox when 3 males (victim, witness, witness) entered the residence. The victim was shot in the head and the victim’s money was taken, as was the witness’s money.

LOCATION: 17XX Broadway Ave. N.
TIME: 1433 hrs October 9, 2006
DESCRIPTION: The victim was inside “Slice of Chicago” located at Broadway and James when an argument ensued. Victim ran out of the business and WB on Broadway. Suspects shot at the victim and hit him once in the right lower leg and once in the left thigh. Victim then ran into the YMCA located at above. 911 was then called. Officer escorted the victim to the hospital. Victim did not have life threatening injuries.
Welcome to the Quagmire.

Chase, Suspect Shot After Brandishing Weapon

KARE 11 News reports a police chase involving a vehicle suspected as having been involved in some of the aggravated assaults that have plagued the Twin Cities of late. The suspect allegedly brandished a weapon and was shot by officers: "Police chase ends in shooting".

A police chase in Saint Paul ended with a man shot and a church van damaged.

The van, from Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, was spotted driving erratically near Summit and Syndicate avenues. It is not known if the van had been reported stolen.

The driver fled police, eventually crashing the van about four and a half miles away at University and Beacon. Two squad cars were damaged in the chase.

Police say as they approached the van, they saw the driver reaching for something. Believing it to be a shotgun, officers fired two shots. The driver is at Region's hospital.

Minneapolis Police had been looking for the van earlier in the evening, because they believe it was involved in three separate aggravated assaults.
[Photo courtesy KARE 11 News]

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sex Assault Averted

I hesitate somewhat to post this story, mostly because of the missing pieces. Unfortunately for true victims, some of these sexual assault stories turn out to be fabricated. I have no reason to believe one way or another for this story, but a red flag goes up when the victim can only give one piece of information on her attacker: "...she could not provide a detailed description of the many, saying only that he was heavy set."

That doesn't pass the initial smell test for me.

This particular story appears to be fairly widely distributed on MSM sites, and here is the KSTP News version: "SCSU student fights off parking-lot attack".

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) - Police were investigating on Tuesday a report of an attempted sexual assault in a parking lot at St. Cloud State University.

Police said a female student was walking to her vehicle Monday night when a man opened the rear door of a parked vehicle and pulled her into the back seat.

The woman was able to fight her way out of the vehicle and get away. Her injuries are not life-threatening.

She told police that she could not provide a detailed description of the many, saying only that he was heavy set. He was in a larger, newer four-door vehicle with a cloth interior.
Again, I don't want to discount a legitimate story, but I need more information. Out of instinct, I took a wait-and-see approach with the Kenwood Park sex assault story, and that turned out to be the right move (I certainly miss some too) because the story turned out to be "Unfounded".

Let's give this latest story some time and see what shakes out. Obviously, if true, it merits significant concern.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gun To The Head: Update

Fox 9 News has finally improved its website, particularly the timeliness of stories posted (as a side note, I don't care for the appearance too much, but it's the reporting that counts, right?).

Fox 9 is also the first TV news site, as far as I can tell, to update the Sunday afternoon Minneapolis shooting story that I posted about here: "Gun To The Head In Minneapolis" (previous post). Here's the Fox 9 News update:

MINNEAPOLIS -- As you look down the 4300 block of Knox Avenue North, nothing looks out of the ordinary.

But go to the back of the alley and there are reminders of the violence that took place Sunday afternoon.

"This is an everyday occurrence and it's quite frightening when somebody injured as result of this,” Lt. Greg Reinhardt said. “This isn't somebody being ripped off, it's being assaulted."

Police say three men were in the metro when they saw a car for sale, called the number listed and went to meet up with the sellers at a north Minneapolis home.

"They went inside and almost immediately they were confronted by three suspects, two of them armed with guns," Reinhardt said.

With cash in hand, police say they never had a chance to just give the money up.

"They were basically shot first and robbed second," Reinhardt said.
Welcome to Minneapolis! You can be a Qwest employee, a pizza delivery driver, a newspaper delivery person, and now a potential car buyer, and be an equal opportunity victim of violence.

As for the investigation, police are talking to everybody, starting with the people who own the home.
That would be a good place to start. Good luck catching these rats.

By the way, Minneapolis criminals are probably disappointed the Republicans are coming to town in '08, because they're more likely to be armed. The Dems, of course, would have been soft targets. Let's see what happens to violent crime that week, assuming there's anyone left in the city by that time.

Shot To The Head: Update

Fox 9 News has finally improved its website, particularly the timeliness of stories posted (as a side note, I don't care for the appearance too much, but it's the reporting that counts, right?).

Fox 9 is also the first TV news site, as far as I can tell, to update the Sunday afternoon Minneapolis shooting story that I posted about here: "Gun To The Head In Minneapolis" (previous post). Here's the Fox 9 News update:

MINNEAPOLIS -- As you look down the 4300 block of Knox Avenue North, nothing looks out of the ordinary.

But go to the back of the alley and there are reminders of the violence that took place Sunday afternoon.

"This is an everyday occurrence and it's quite frightening when somebody injured as result of this,” Lt. Greg Reinhardt said. “This isn't somebody being ripped off, it's being assaulted."

Police say three men were in the metro when they saw a car for sale, called the number listed and went to meet up with the sellers at a north Minneapolis home.

"They went inside and almost immediately they were confronted by three suspects, two of them armed with guns," Reinhardt said.

With cash in hand, police say they never had a chance to just give the money up.

"They were basically shot first and robbed second," Reinhardt said.
Welcome to Minneapolis! You can be a Qwest employee, a pizza delivery driver, a newspaper delivery person, and now a potential car buyer, and be an equal opportunity victim of violence.

As for the investigation, police are talking to everybody, starting with the people who own the home.
That would be a good place to start. Good luck catching these rats.

By the way, Minneapolis criminals are probably disappointed the Republicans are coming to town in '08, because they're more likely to be armed. The Dems, of course, would have been soft targets. Let's see what happens to violent crime that week, assuming there's anyone left in the city by that time.

Gun To The Head In Minneapolis

The Red Star reports on a shooting in Minneapolis from Sunday afternoon. The victim was shot in the head, and a motive is not yet known: "Man in north Minneapolis shot in the head".

A shooting in a north Minneapolis home Sunday afternoon left a man in critical condition at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale, police said.

The victim, who was not identified, was shot in the head, said Minneapolis police Lt. Kim Lund.

Lund said it was not yet known why the victim was in the house in the 4300 block of Knox Avenue N. Neighbors said he did not match the description of any of the residents there.
The police do not believe this crime to be random at this time. I will post more as facts become available.

Criminals Running Amok

Not Minneapolis this time.

If you left Minneapolis to escape the crime, and you landed a couple of hours north on the edge of Lake Superior, you're in for a rude awakening. The city on the hill with the expansive view of the lake has become a hotbed of crime and violence over the last couple of years.

It's not a stretch to theorize that as goes Minneapolis, so goes the state.

On 10/2/06 I wrote about the surging Duluth crime rates here: "Violent Crime Moves To Duluth".

Today's Red Star recognizes that Duluth has entered it's very own Quagmire: "Duluth 'just a different town nowadays'".

Gangs, drugs and fewer cops have bred a 20 percent increase in crime in the city.

Chuck Haga, Star Tribune

DULUTH - Jennifer Randa didn't need to see the official numbers released this month by the Duluth Police Department: crime up nearly 20 percent from 2004 to 2005, with drug crime more than doubling and violent crimes up by 32 percent.
The timing of these numbers closely correlates with those of Minneapolis. Once that base of criminal operations is established in the metro area, it's easier to branch out to new territory.

"My [Jennifer Randa] son is 19," she said. "He's in school, studying to be a police officer.

"He was getting dropped off the other night after studying at a friend's house, and a guy came running at the car with a gun in his hand."

Her son and his friend drove off, she said. He called her later to say he would stay at the friend's house rather than risk another attempt to come home.

A month before, he was working at a gas station when it was robbed.

"I like to take a walk every day," Randa said, glancing at the mission door, thinking about the scenic harbor view from the streets on the hillside above, a view many consider one of the northern Minnesota city's premier attractions.

"But I'm scared to take my walk anymore," she said.
Living in fear is no way to live, especially in outstate cities like Duluth, which, in the past, have not been immune to crime, but far removed from most urban-type ills.

That trend is changing.

"Duluth is definitely seeing more crimes involving drugs, more crimes involving gangs and more crimes related to those activities," [Police Chief] Hanson said.

Assaults, robberies and burglaries all spiked in 2005, and indications are that the trends are continuing this year...
So now Minnesota has gangs in the liberal bastion of Northfield, gangs and crime in Faribault, guns and drugs in Duluth, and gang acitivity in St. Cloud, all, I will submit, an extension of the lawlessness that has been allowed to go unabated in Minneapolis.

Where will the good people go if even cities like Duluth are no longer safe harbor?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Criminal Gang Beats, Robs Art Center Patron

"It was very scary. I started panicking when I realized I was being surrounded by a group of people," he said.

A man leaving the Walker Art Center, which is at the merge of Hennepin and Lyndale Avenues in Minneapolis, was robbed and beaten as he made his way through adjacent Loring Park.

It was only 9:45 p.m.

The M.O. and location is consistent with the recent spate of gang assaults about which I've posted recently: "Minneapolis: Loring Greenway Muggings" & "Fox 9 Now Reports Greenway Muggings On Their Website". The Loring Greenway feeds into Loring Park.

No description of the criminals is given, so Rambix' Axiom of MSM Reporting (described in this post) will likely apply.

KSTP News reports: "Architect beaten, robbed in Loring Park".

A Twin Cities architect was beaten and robbed in a place that doesn't see much violent crime. The latest victim was leaving an event at the Walker Arts Center and after he crossed over the pedestrian bridge, he says he was surrounded by at least four men.

"I thought this was just a beautiful fall night," Todd Wichman told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS. "I was in a state of disbelief."

It was dark outside, around 9:45 p.m. Thursday. But, Wichman never imagined he would be surrounded attacked and robbed by four men while walking through Minneapolis' historic Loring Park neighborhood.
If anything positive can be taken from this brutish thuggery, I'm hopeful that it will cause an awakening in the urban elites that their lives and safety are at risk, not just those who live in North Minneapolis. Ultimately, crime knows no boundaries.

As some of the thugs stole his watch, digital camera and cell phone, others kicked him in the face.

He ended up with four stitches into the bridge of his nose.

"It was very scary. I started panicking when I realized I was being surrounded by a group of people," he said.

Within hours the robbers made a page full of calls on Wichman's cell phone.

Police say there's been at least five robberies in the Loring Park and Greenway area in the last week. Investigators are trying to determine if they are connected. All of this as he prepares to host thousands of guests at an architecture convention this weekend. And, he'll have to explain this side of Minneapolis.
It's about time someone explained it.

Welcome to the Minneapolis Quagmire.

[Photo courtesy KSTP News]

Friday, October 06, 2006

4 Shootings Last Night In Minneapolis

Fox 9 News has reported that there were, including the homicide, four separate shooting incidents in Minneapolis last night.


Kare 11 News has a brief mention, but I don't see this story elsewhere:

[Minneapolis Police spokesman] Reinhardt also said the murder was one of multiple shooting incidents on the south side overnight. Police want to know if they're connected.
What has happened to our once-fine city under it's liberal leadership?

Further Details On Minneapolis Murder #50

I'll make an admission right now that I have no idea how the Minneapolis murder count is tabulated. For awhile there I would report each murder sequentially, adding "1" to the previous number, yet the official number would turn out to be different. I've even noted differences among MSM news organizations, which over time are "corrected" and change.

Tabulating the murder count doesn't sound hard on it's face, so why do the numbers vary? KvM tracks the numbers closely, to the extent they include them permanently on their sidebar, and their count today is "48", but the MSM organizations are reporting "50". Are differences simply the result of classification changes?

I don't know.

In any event, every report on the latest murder I've heard has the current Minneapolis murder total as 50, so I'll go with that.

KARE 11 News has more details on last night's killing: "Teen gunned down in south Minneapolis".

Overnight, Minneapolis recorded its 50th homicide of the year. And this time, it was a teenager.

Minneapolis Police say around 10:30 Thursday evening, in the 2300 block of Elliot Avenue South, a 16-year-old African American male was hit by drive-by gunfire. He died at the scene.

Witnesses said they heard as many as four shots, others said it sounded like automatic gunfire.

Police say they have a lot of questions and very few answers. They don't know if the teen was the target of the shooter or if this was a random event.
The bottom line is, with 48, 50, or even 10 murders in Minneapolis, the violence is not acceptable to residents, business owners, and visitors to the city. The robberies, murders, and assaults in Minneapolis are low in absolute numbers relative to New Orleans, Detroit, or Chicago, but are much higher on a per capita basis than it should be.

So, the question remains: When will the good citizens of Minneapolis fill the leadership vacuum in furtherance of their safety?

Drive-by Murder in South Minneapolis

There ia breaking news of a drive-by murder of a young bicyclist in South Minneapolis. KSTP reports: "While riding his bike, Mpls. boy shot, killed".

More later as details emerge.

People Not Like Us

From Duluth, MN, comes this AP story via the St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Man apologizes for courtroom feces".

DULUTH, Minn. - A Chicago man apologized for spreading his feces around a courtroom during his trial on drug charges.

Vandale Amos Willis, 28, apologized Wednesday before being sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. Willis was convicted earlier of importation of a controlled substance, cocaine, and two other charges.

"Im going to take full responsibility for everything I did in Duluth," Willis told the court. "I want to apologize for everything I did in court. Im sorry, your honor."

He asked Judge David Sullivan to put him on probation. Sullivan told Willis his actions wouldn't be held against him, but there was no reason to depart from sentencing guidelines.
I don't know why it is, but sometimes I think criminals are different than most of us.


I posted on the alleged Kenwood Park sexual assault story with a healthy dose of skepticism, and, although I don't get it right every time, my instincts were correct on this one:

"As with many of these cases, unfortunately, that involve young teenage girls, it's prudent to take a wait-and-see approach."
KSTP reports that the story has fallen apart faster than a cheap suit: "Lake of the Isles allegations 'unfounded'"

"This is the classic story of the little boy who cried wolf," said Lt. Greg Reinhardt of the Minneapolis Police of a recent allegation of sexual assault near Lake of the Isles.

Police confirm it was all a lie. A 14-year-old girl who claimed she was raped in Kenwood Park Tuesday night. Police officially classified the case as "unfounded."
The article says the police usually don't charge the filers of false reports, despite all the man-hours wasted, but this girl should at least get some mental health counseling.

And you Kenwood/Lake of the Isles area residents who think you can relax now - don't; this story remains true: "Somali Gang Robbery At Lake Of The Isles, Minneapolis".

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fox 9 Now Reports Greenway Muggings On Their Website

"It seemed to me its not difficult for him to strike me,” Carol said. “This is something they played out over and over again – taking turns and getting pleasure out of it."

Fox 9 News has now update their website to include the story they broadcast last night about the multiple muggings on the Loring Greenway in Minneapolis. I recommend watching the video which can be accessed with the story: "Muggings on the Greenway".

MINNEAPOLIS -- Linking downtown Minneapolis and the Nicollet Mall to Loring Park, the Greenway is a path, popular with everyday people – and increasingly a favorite stomping ground for professional pickpockets.

Petrified the robbers will target her again, Carol prefers to conceal her identity. She often walk the Greenway from home to work and back.

Tuesday night she stayed late at the office and didn’t think twice about taking her regular route. Only steps from her door, three suspects emerged from the shadows.

“One came from this side, one came from that side and I was surrounded,” Carol said.

She was also outnumbered.

The thugs slapped her so hard, she fell to the ground. They grabbed her purse and disappeared into the darkness.
See my previous post on this matter for commentary.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Minneapolis: Loring Greenway Muggings

I've seen this story reported nowhere else in the MSM other than Fox 9 News so far. The TV reporter interviewed a female mugging victim who was on her way home from working late and suddenly found herself surrounded by three men (of course there was no suspect description, but application of the Rambix Axiom of MSM Reporting tells us the suspects are more likely than not black males*) in the Loring Greenway, near downtown Minneapolis.

One of the thugs slapped her to the ground and then they robbed the young woman. She was understandably terrified and her confidence in walking the city has been shaken.

Then they interviewed Lt. Mike Fossum of the Minneapolis Police who said this mugging matched the pattern of three previous muggings in the last couple of weeks.

Are we reading about this in the Red Star? I think not.

Even Fox 9's own website doesn't carry the written story as of the time of this writing.

Folks, I've been writing about the escalation of robberies, muggings, and assaults in Uptown, Downtown, University of Minnesota, various parks, nice neighborhoods, and bad neighborhoods of Minneapolis, and now the highly pedestrian trafficked Loring Greenway.

When are Minneapolis city leaders going to stand up once and for all and say enough is enough? It's time to crack down hard on criminal behavior and end the Quagmire in Minneapolis.

*Rambix Axiom of MSM Reporting: If it is obvious that a crime victim was able to see the attacker/criminal(s), yet no suspect description is reported in the MSM, then it is beyond likely that the suspects are black males. If the criminal(s) were white males, that fact would be prominently displayed in the story. The MSM makes every effort to hide negative behavior of protected groups, i.e. black males, while taking glee in reporting negative behavior of non-protected groups, i.e. caucasion males. The alternate name for this theorem is the Rambix Theory of MSM Social Engineering.

ALERT: Girl Sexually Assaulted In Kenwood Park, Minneapolis

You may recall that yesterday morning I wrote of a Somali gang beating at Euclid Place and Lake of the Isles Parkway. I wrote that "...urban socialists may not know that a Somali gang robbery and assault occurred right in the heart of their natural habitat on September 30th." I linked to a Google map of the location of the assault. At the very top of the map, at the north end of Lake of the Isles, you can see a patch of green, which is Kenwood Park.

And that's where this rape is alleged to have occurred at around 8:00 p.m. Monday.

I'm not making a connection between the Somali gang and the rape; I'm making a connection between serious crimes in that very upscale area. For those not familiar with the area around Lake of the Isles, it is replete with old mansions, multimillion dollar homes, and is, as previously mentioned, the natural habitat of many urban socialists.

That said, the Red Star reports this disturbing story today: "Girl, age 14, assaulted in Minneapolis city park".

A 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a stranger Monday night in Kenwood Park, in one of Minneapolis' safest areas, police said.

She had been at the park with a friend and was walking home alone when the man pushed her to the ground and assaulted her about 8 p.m. near the tennis courts, according to the Police Department and park police.

"We consider it a serious event because of the age of the victim," said police spokesman Greg Reinhardt.
As usual, there is no suspect description. UPDATE: KSTP reports a vague suspect description: "A 40-year-old white man with a deep voice." Like all suspect descriptions using race, it's not relevant if not combined with other descriptors. "40 years old" and "white" (or black, or whatever) aren't good enough on their own. In this case, it's surprising that the victim and her friend were unable to give a general build (heavy, thin, etc) or hair length or color, or any of the more obvious features. This is not to criticize the victim, but because there were two girls as "witnesses", it's surprising more details were not given.

The assault involved attempted oral sex, police said, adding that no weapons were used and that there were no verbal threats, police said.

Reinhardt said about 15 minutes elapsed between the time the girl left her friend and when she reached home.

Such an assault is rare in any park, authorities said, adding that Monday's incident is not part of a trend or linked to other cases.
As with many of these cases, unfortunately, that involve young teenage girls, it's prudent to take a wait-and-see approach.

A couple of reported facts in the story caught my attention: It states the girl was pushed to the ground, and "about 15 minutes elapsed between the time the girl left her friend and when she reached home." Is the reporter referring to the non-victim? Did she run to get help? It's not clear why the friend didn't scream for police or run to a nearby house for help.

This also made me take notice: " weapons were used and that there were no verbal threats..."

I think that would be unusual in this type of crime, but who knows.

If true, this crime and the gang beating are two more steps into the Minneapolis Quagmire.

Another Day On The Northside: Shootings, Assaults, Rapes

From the Minneapolis SAFE Unit, an update on recent Quagmire activity for the past week only at the never-ending party we call the Northside:

CCN 06-277424 Squad 431 responded to a PARTY call at 24XX Upton Ave. N. As the squad was arriving they observed a male place an object under a parked vehicle. This party was detained and officer recovered a handgun from under the parked the vehicle. The party was booked for PC WEAP at HCJ.

CCN: MP 06-279476


LOCATION: 2XX Broadway Ave. N.

TIME: 0125 hrs September 28, 2006

DESCRIPTION: The victim was inside the bar at above location, when he was shot. The victim was being transported to HCMC when a 1st PCT squad stopped the vehicle. Officer escorted the victim to HCMC.

Officer Jackson, Squad 494 was called to a CSCR in which the victim stated she was at the bus stop at Lowry and Penn when the suspect (whom the victim does not know) pulled up and at gunpoint, demanded the victim get into his vehicle.

Suspect drove victim to area of XXXXXXXX where victim was raped. Victim walked home where she then called police. Officer Jackson and the victim went back to XXXXXXX and Officer Jackson was able to locate the crime scene along with evidence. Car 21 called to the scene to collect evidence and photograph.


0200 hours


16th Av N/Queen Av N

Squads were sent to 15XX Queen on an unknown trouble where female is driving her car up on caller’s lawn. An able officer arrives and finds one male laying in the street with a female standing over him. The female tells the officer the male has been stabbed and needs an ambulance. Male victim is transported to North where he dies from his injuries. Female is arrested for the assault of the victim.


Burglary of Business

26XX W Broadway Av

Biz alarm is aired on above business and further information is given that this business had been broken into several times in the past few days. Arriving officers find one broken window with entry likely made. K-9 searches with negative results. Owner arrives and security video is viewed. Suspect information is developed.




LOCATION: Broadway Ave. W. & EB I94 entrance ramp

TIME: 0322 hrs September 30, 2006

DESCRIPTION: Squad 425 was dispatched to SHOTS and recovered evidence at scene. It should be noted that when evidence was recovered there were no shooting victims.

While squad 425 property inventoried the evidence, NMMC called and reported two shooting victims show up at the ER. NMMC staff did not call police for 40 minutes after the victims’ arrived at the ER.

The victims were intoxicated and did not appear to have been in the same vehicle at time of the incident.

CCN 06-281734 Squad 463, Officers Carter & Infante, stopped a SUSPV at 26/Penn and a party fled on foot. Officers gave chase and apprehended party. During the foot pursuit the AP dropped a handgun, which was recovered by officers. The AP was booked at HCJ for PC WEAP.

CCN 06-281693 Squad 421, Officers Boyd & Walker, observed smoke coming from the top floor of the apartment building located at 20XX W. Broadway Ave. Officers called for MFD and entered the building to evacuate the occupants. Officers forced entry into one apartment to ensure the occupants had exited. Officers had to retreat because of the heavy smoke. The officers drove themselves to HCMC to be checked out by medical personnel as a precaution.

52XX Bryant Ave N


15 and 16 year old brothers were involved in an argument. One brother swung a 2x4 at the other brother who then went and got a knife. The victim brother received a small cut to his lower leg and was taken to North Memorial. The suspect brother was GOA.

CCN 06-283617 Squad 959, Officer Bennett, observed a group robbing male at 30th Ave. N. & Dupont Ave. N. and stopped the vehicle the group got into. The victim was brought to the stop location and identified all 4 parties. The 4 APs were booked at HCJ for PC ROBPER. The vehicle was towed.


41 Av N/Colfax N to Dupont N


10/02/2006@1204 hrs.

Officers in squad 8429 were flagged down by a citizen who reported observing one down on 41 Av N, Colfax N to Dupont N. Officers arrived and found a black male who was DOA. Cause of death unknown at this time.

06-284102 1706 hours

24XX Fremont Ave N

A victim of a shooting showed up at this address. The victim had non life threatening injury and was transported to North Memorial by ambulance. The victim and witness gave three different locations where this may have occurred. All locations were checked with negative results for a crime scene. There was no consistent information on the suspect in this case. Car 710 was advised.

06-284134 1740 hours

GVR and Penn

A victim of a shooting showed up at North Memorial Hospital. The victim had non life threatening injury. The victim stated he was walking at the intersection of GVR and Penn when he heard gunshots fired. He felt he had been hit and then ran to his cousin’s house where he was then brought to the hospital. Officers checked the area for a crime scene and or witnesses.


Officer Creighton, Sgt Mosey, and Officer Adams responded to a shooting at 14XX Russell. One victim was found shot in the hip. He was very uncooperative and wanted to go to the hospital. Officer Adams spoke with a witness who stated that a black male on a bike with a black shirt rode away on a bike from the shooting call with a gun in his hand. The victim did not have a shirt on and stated that he was on his bike when he was shot at. Officers checked the area for a gun possibly belonging to our victim. When the victim stood up for the medical personnel a baggie of crack fell from his person. A few moments later a gun and a black shirt were recovered from a window well of the house next to where he was found. He was escorted to the hospital and held in custody for a couple of hours until he was discharged. The victim/suspect was then taken to HCJ and booked for PC Weapons and PC Narcotics.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Somali Gang Robbery At Lake Of The Isles, Minneapolis

There are those, mostly liberal multiculturalist socialists, who will tell you that Somali gangs are not a problem in Minneapolis. The evidence may show otherwise, as I have documented numerous attacks and robberies by groups of Somali males since the inception of this blog.

If you don't believe documentation of actual news stories (the vast majority of my posts are based on actual news stories), then you might be interested to note that the issue has been debated at a very local level as well, as shown in this community newspaper article: "Somali Gangs: Fact or Fiction?".

Obviously no one is proposing that most Somalis are criminals. Many Somalis I have met are kind, wonderful people. That doesn't mean there isn't a potential problem within that "community".

That said, on to business.

Since the MSM won't report such things, urban socialists may not know that a Somali gang robbery and assault occurred right in the heart of their natural habitat on September 30th. The Minneapolis SAFE Unit reports that the attack happened right next to very upscale Lake of the Isles, at Euclid Place and Lake of the Isles Parkway:

Oct 2, 2006 4:24 PM


At approximately 3:20am on September 30th a robbery of person occurred at the intersection of Euclid Place and Lake of the Isles PKWY. Suspects approached the victim and struck him on the head after following him on walk around Lake of the Isles. They demanded cash, ID and credit cards.

Suspect information:

The suspects were described as four Somali males between 17-20 years old. One suspect was wearing a white t-shirt and baggy pants. The other three wore black t-shirts and baggy pants.
You won't see that in the Red Star.

Will the urban socialists and their water carriers in the MSM take notice when violent crime appears on their doorsteps?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Violent Crime Surges At University Of Minnesota

Fox 9 News has reported on the staggering increase of assaults and violent crime at or near the University of Minnesota. According to Fox 9, assaults were up 113% in August, and 32% in September.

Is it reasonable to assume that even a 1% increase is unacceptable?

Heather Mueller of the Minnesota Daily interviewed University of Minnesota president Bruininks regarding the violence: "Bruininks talks crime, stadium".

With double the number of assaults this year compared to last, what would you say to students who fear that walking in groups on well-lit streets isn't enough to ward off robberies or assaults?

This issue has come up rather suddenly, but I think it's a very serious issue for the University of Minnesota and our students.

I have taken up this issue with Vice President (Kathy) O'Brien and Chief (Greg) Hestnessvof the UMPD and they are meeting regularly with the Minneapolis police force to strengthen the coordination of our efforts on behalf of our students and on behalf of creating a much safer environment in and around the University of Minnesota.

Secondly, we are going to … steadily increase the size of our own police force and our own security; we're improving lighting in important areas on campus.

I think the other thing I would say is that I think we live in a relatively safe environment and what's alarming is to see these rates go up.

We need to meet with the neighborhoods relatively soon and the neighborhood leaders to see what we can do collectively.

We understand we have to work hard to increase the safety and the comfort level of our staff and students. You can't study well and you can't learn well if you're not in a healthy and safe environment. I want to indicate we have a pretty aggressive action agenda, including thinking about how the University can be more engaged and developed.

I want to add I think it's very important that students use good judgment, and when they do travel late at night they do seek safe ways to travel.

Is the University's administration monitoring the progress of the assault investigations?

Yes, we are. The Office of General Counsel, the University police department works collaboratively with the Hennepin County Prosecutors office (and other agencies).
How about referring them to Andrew Rothman, who just put on a self-defense display at the university?

And how is that collaboration with the Hennepin County prosecutor's office going?

The University of Minnesota has been sucked into the Minneapolis Quagmire - who will accept responsibility, and who will lead the fight against the enemy?

Violent Crime Moves To Duluth

I'm not sure why they're reporting so late in 2006, but the Duluth Police advise that violent crime in the city rose soared from 2004 to 2005, as the Red Star reports: "Violent crime rose 32% in Duluth in 2005".

DULUTH - Reports of violent crime in Duluth increased 32 percent from 2004 to 2005, according to the Duluth Police Department.

Crime overall went up as well, a 20 percent increase during that same period. Authorities blame the rise on a decrease in community policing efforts and an influx of drug dealers from outside the city.

In 2004 there were 423 drug crimes reported in Duluth. That number more than doubled in 2005, to 920.

"We have seen a large increase of drug dealers coming into the community," said Roger Waller, who retired from his post as police chief over the weekend. "We've seen an increase from small-time dealers to high-level, big-time dealers."
Not a pretty picture, that.

I think this trend mirrors what is happening in the Twin Cities metro area - drug dealers and other criminals moving in from elsewhere. The question, of course, is: why?

It's hard to believe that the MSM, particularly the Red Star, doesn't have the resources, desire, or curiosity to investigate and track the path the criminal element takes to get to Minneapolis and Minnesota as a whole. Wouldn't it be helpful to know where they come from, why they're here, and what keeps them here? How can we fight the problems if we don't understand the enemy?

The Red Star and other leftist media often accuse the president as being uninformed and incurious, but what could be a greater example of uninformed incuriosity than the MSM's non-investigation of Minnesota's criminal pipeline?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Crime and Punishment in Hennepin County

Here are some recent Hennepin County sentences (listed here as time served in jail after sentencing, according to the source) from anonymous who has done some yeoman's research. I have no reason to believe the source is unreliable, but I can't guarantee the accuracy, so I'm omitting the last names. The information is in the public domain:

Sex Crimes
Reginald 1st Degree Crim Sex 1 ½ mo
Curtis Fel. 3rd Degree Crim Sex 3 ½ mo
Melvin 5th Degree Crim Sex 1 day
Gary 1st Degree Crim Sex 8 mo
Donald Poss of Child Porn 4 days
Ishmel 3rd Degree Crim Sex 5 wks
Christopher 1st Degree Crim Sex 4 mo
Terry 4th Degree Crim Sex 5 wks
Darrell 3rd Degree Crim Sex 3mo
Robbie Poss of Child Porn 2 wks
Steven Fel Crim Sex 3 mo
Brian 3rd Degree Crim Sex 3 mo
Scott 2nd Degree Crim Sex 3 ½ mo
Paul Felon in Poss. Of Porn (Minors) 4 mo Home Monitoring

First Degree Burglary
Csauba 3mo
Wayne 6 mo
Ray 6 mo
James 3 mo
Leonard 2 days
Charles 4 mo
Brandon 1 mo

Violent Crimes
Ryan Felony Drive By Shooting 3 mo
Brian Felony Terroristic Threats 3 wks
A Felony Terroristic Threats 1 mo
Dana 1st Degree Aggr. Robbery 3 mo
Rahmiah 1st Degree Aggr. Robbery 3 wks
Robert 1st Degree Aggr. Robbery 4 mo
Glen Felony Theft from Person 1 wk
James Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 3 wks
Richard Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 4 days
Max Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 1 mo
Sean Dom. Assault w/ strangulation 2 mo

Miscellaneous/ Weapons
Chris GM Rifle/ Shotgun in Public 1 mo
Todd Violation of Restr. Order 2 days
Lamar Fleeing a Police Officer 9 days
Angk. Weapon w/o a permit 3 mo
Elmer Weapon w/o a permit 1 mo
Tarryten 3rd Degree Drug Sale 1 wk

And this:

Jeremy on 7-30-04 had a possession of a weapon w/o a permit, stole a car on 9-9-04, then arrested on 5-27-05 for attempted 1 st Degree Murder, convicted and sentenced to a year. Is at the workhouse, and actually is eligible for Work Release after 90 days.
(H/T Anonymous)

Life In North Minneapolis

They live like liberals and vote like conservatives, but the living part is in North Minneapolis, and this means exposure to more than your average amount of crime. Margaret Martin and David Strom (soon to be back on The Patriot), have suffered their share of slings and arrows crimewise, yet they remain steadfast and ensconced in the their Northside home.

Margaret frequently writes about neighborhood happenings on their blog, Our House, giving insights on the personal impact of crime. She stikes me as being the neighbor you'd want to have if you went out of town and had to leave your house alone.

Her latest piece involves just such a situation, which ended with a bad result: the burglary of her neighbor's house (and a house close by that exploded, for good measure).

I recommend reading the story for a first-hand account of life in a high, or relatively high, crime area.

I give them credit for hanging tough; I jumped ship in Southwest Minneapolis for much less reason.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Minneapolis: Gun to The Head - Raped

The Minneapolis Quagmire continues with this report of the gunpoint rape of a woman on the Northside. There are two suspects, and, as usual, no descriptions. The Red Star reports: "Minneapolis woman raped at gunpoint".

Police are investigating the rape of a woman who reported she was forced into a car at gunpoint Thursday night in north Minneapolis and taken to a Mississippi River boat launch.

Lt. Greg Reinhardt said that it appears the 28-year-old Minneapolis woman, who was left by the boat launch on the edge of the Camden neighborhood, did not know the two suspects.
Stranger rape is serious business. If these rats aren't stopped now, then there is no reason why they won't do this again.

With rape being such an intimate crime, I'm mystified why there aren't good suspect descriptions. I suspect the police have more information they aren't releasing, but I've never understood how withholding suspect information can help an investigation.

Welcome to the Quagmire.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Minneapolis 2nd Precinct Lowlights

From the Minneapolis Police:

For Week ending 9/20

ROBPER @ 24th Av /Central. Victim was waiting at the bus stop, and was thrown to the ground and punched by seven black male suspects. Suspects fled on foot.

14xx 5th St NE ASLT2 - Uncooperative Victim at a party was shot in the hand and pistol whipped. Party-goers/Witnesses and Suspect(s) left before Squads arrived. Victim to HCMC with minor GSW.

For Week ending 9/27

06-274,823 At 0839 hours, a Robbery of Business, 10xx Washington Av SE. An employee was making a money run/deposit in her personal vehicle, when she was robbed by two suspects at gunpoint at University Av SE/25th Av SE. Two black male suspects fled in an older white conversion type of van, unk plate, last seen EB on University Av SE. Loss was a cash bag containing $3,500.

06-274093 9-22-06 1815 hrs. Squad responded to a medic call at 6xx Adams St NE grandma fell and cut her head open. Officers recognize the grandson who is wanted by Coon Rapids PD on a PC pickup for Felony damage to prop and Assault. Officer’s id 3 other party’s in the basement; officers see drug paraphernalia and suspected narcotics in plain view. 2nd PCT DP responded and a search warrant was obtained. Officers recovered a nice quantity of suspected crystal meth from a safe. Suspect had surveillance cameras outside and monitors in his basement bedroom which were disconnected. Nice job by Uniform Officers and DP.

This is a partial list.

Minneapolis SWAT Drug Raid

The Minneapolis SWAT Team puts the smack-down on some lowlife drug dealers. Multiple shots were fired by the residents of the house in the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South despite the fact that several children were present.

If you were Amy Klobuchar, what would you do with these rats? If you're a Minneapolis resident, what do you think she will do?

This notice is from the Minneapolis Police SAFE Units:

Minneapolis SWAT team recovers weapon,
drugs during high-risk raid

Suspect fires shots while officers execute search warrant

September 29, 2006 (MINNEAPOLIS) Late last night, Minneapolis police officers executed a drug search warrant in the 3400 block of Stevens Avenue South. As SWAT officers breached the door, the officers heard multiple gunshots fired within the dwelling. Officers entered, secured the dwelling, and discovered three young children, who were unharmed.

Officers arrested four adults, and a handgun, which had been fired by one of the suspects, was recovered along with a quantity of suspected narcotics. Those arrested were:

Mario M. Andrews, 23, of Brooklyn Center, for Probable Cause Weapons Violation, Assault upon a Police Officer (ASLT4), and an outstanding warrant.

Norris D. Andrews, 21, of Minneapolis, for Probable Cause Narcotics Violation

Debbie Underwood, 21, of Minneapolis for Disorderly House

Seleina L. Underwood, 40, of Minneapolis for Disorderly House

Photographs of the arrested persons will be available after formal charging. The case will be submitted for review, and additional charges may be considered.

Background on SWAT team

High-risk entries are among the most dangerous situations police officers face. Each SWAT officer is required to complete countless hours of training and practice to minimize risk for all those involved in such dangerous situations. Each year, the MPD SWAT Unit executes more than 300 high-risk entries. Every such situation carries tremendous risk to the officers involved and other individuals at the scene, and yesterday’s raid is an example of how exceptional training and preparation can pay off.

Minneapolis: Stabbed To Death

(h/t KvM)

When a woman stabs a man, then kneels by his side until the cops get there, I'm thinking crime of passion. Whatever the case, Minneapolis murder #47 is on the books: "Minneapolis man stabbed to death".

Police say a north Minneapolis man was murdered early Friday morning near the intersection of 16th and Queen Ave.

Minneapolis police were dispatched to 1529 Queen Ave. N. after they were told a female had driven a car onto the lawn around 2:00 a.m. Friday.

When officers arrived they saw a man lying in the street and a woman kneeling next to him. The male, a 36-year old from Minneapolis, had been stabbed to death.

He was transported to North Memorial via ambulance, where he died a short time later.

Melissa J. Jones, 35, was arrested at the scene in connection with this homicide.
[Graphic courtesy KSTP News]

Taking Notice Of The Quagmire

University of Minnesota students take notice as the school falls into the Minneapolis Quagmire. A letter writer to the Minnesota Daily:

Sick of crime

My favorite part of every day is waking up and reading the Daily at breakfast before I go to class. Today, however, it was not a good idea to read the paper as I ate. I quickly learned that in the past week there have been two more attacks on students very near campus. The attacks have gone beyond beatings on the street to armed robberies and hate crimes. I was literally sickened that two men were gay-bashed a few blocks from campus.

The University has a reputation for being open and progressive, but attacks like these make minority students fear for their safety. It seems that every day, students open the Daily and read about yet more attacks on students on or near campus with no apparent effort at curbing the rise in violent crimes.

Every article is accompanied with "an investigator has been assigned to the case," but I have yet to hear of anyone being caught or any active effort being put forth by the police. I'm sick of it. Something needs to be done around here soon.

Adam Hennings
University undergraduate
Then make sure you don't read this account, Mr. Hennings: ALERT: Univ. of Minnesota Student Robbed By Armed Criminal Gang

or this:

More University Of Minnesota Assaults & Remedy

or this:

More On The University Of Minnesota Assault

or this:

Criminals Gangs Terrorize University Of Minnesota

or this:

More Reporting On University Of Minnesota Violence

or this:

Robberies Up 100% On University Of Minnesota Campus

& more, on Rambix and the Red Star.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

University Of Minnesota Crime Victims

Sometimes written descriptions of crime victims aren't sufficient. Thanks to Andrew Rothman for some visual impact (click photo to enlarge):

ALERT: Univ. of Minnesota Student Robbed By Armed Criminal Gang

"pretty well orchestrated, like they'd done it before,"...

The ink was barely dry on this posting when this story broke out in the Minnesota Daily: "Group robs U student at gunpoint".

A University student stared down the barrel of a gun early Tuesday.

James Bourque, a political science junior, left home on Sixth Street Southeast in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood about 1 a.m. when a group of men approached him, he said.

One of them asked Bourque whether he wanted to buy the drug Ecstasy, he said. Bourque said he turned to walk away and one of the men punched him in the face.

"I fell to one knee," he said, "And when I turned around, there was a gun in my face."

The group demanded money from Bourque and after he gave them the $60 in his wallet, they told him to run away, according to the police report.
No description of the scumbags?

God bless University Police Chief Hestness, but just yesterday, in response to Andrew Rothman's self-defense display at the University, he said that "there's been no change in a need to further defend yourself", in reference to guns (Video).

Do you think he's had a change of heart?

Bourque left the group and avoided any more harm than a bruise from the punch, he said.

Minneapolis Police Lt. Greg Reinhardt said an investigator was being assigned to the case. It is too early to determine whether the attack was related to other crimes in the area, he said.

Bourque said the attack was "pretty well orchestrated, like they'd done it before," and not just a random incident.
Does anyone sense there's a problem in Minneapolis?

The MSM is no help, of course. You won't see this story in the Red Star anytime soon. And (again) why no description of the scumbags?