Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Trauma Of Crime: Put This On Your Website, R.T.

Put this post on your website, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Ryback. Or email me a response and I'll post it here or at Anti-Strib - we won't even censor you.

Darcy Pohland of WCCO News posted on their website a chilling look at the real-world trauma caused violent crime. These aren't just stories in the news, these are real people living in Ryback's Minneapolis: "Armed Robbery Victim Shares Story".

(WCCO) Minneapolis Minneapolis Police recently arrested two teenage gang members who they think are responsible for dozens of armed robberies in north Minneapolis.

One of those victims, Alison, said Thursday she continues to suffer physical and emotional effects long after she was attacked, but she wants to tell her story.
Keep reading, R.T. We're thankful Alison lived to tell about it.

It was supposed to be a New Year's Day of fun and games at a friend's house, but a brutal attack changed that.

"The guy on my left took out a gun, put it across my face and onto my cheek," Alison recalled.

She had just gotten out of her car and was crossing Upton Avenue North when she saw four young men run toward her.
Even an armed male would have trouble with these odds. Imagine how frightened this unarmed female was [The story is not clear whether her "partner" is male or female].

The [criminals] asked for her wallet and purse, but she only had a backpack.

"The backpack had a game in it and some other, some candy canes in it, some Coke," Alison said. "I had $7 and they were welcome to it."

Alison said the men asked her what else she had. When she replied she had fudge, she said the guy on the left ordered the other men to shoot her.

"I froze," Alison said.

The men did not shoot her, but one of the suspects kicked her in the knee, hyper-extending it. She fell backward, onto the ground. She got tangled in her backpack and one of the suspects grabbed it and pulled.

The suspects fled when a car drove by. The suspects did not take anything from Alison, but did take rings and $12 from Alison's partner, who was with her.
She's lucky they didn't shoot her.

Alison suffered torn ligaments and damaged cartridge (sic) in her knee, which requires surgery.

The emotional scars may last longer. Alison and her partner both have flashbacks about the incident.
Will she ever feel the same?

Mr. Mayor, you have a nice website on which you censor comments from the public, but you make no mention of the crime problem in your city. Spring is approaching, and I anticipate a replay of last year's violence. What are you going to do about it?

Will you please comment on your Minneapolis Quagmire?