Friday, February 10, 2006

More Minneapolis Murder - The Intifada Continues

The Red Star reports that Ryback's Minneapolis has produced another corpse, "Man shot and killed near busy Minneapolis stores, restaurants".

One resident of the area on Minneapolis' W. Broadway said he was shocked by the killing in the middle of the day.
Is anyone really shocked anymore?

Allison Lussier, an employee at a nearby check-cashing business, took a cigarette break around 1:15 p.m. She said she saw at least 10 people pushing, shoving and yelling at each other near the shooting site.

But Lussier said she didn't panic. Violence doesn't surprise her anymore. Since she started working at the check-cashing business in March, there have been fights, stabbings, robberies and drug activity in the area, she said.

"There's no reaction here on Broadway," she said. "It's like that every day."
It's like that every day, says she.

Another business owner feels the violence is "not that bad" (if it isn't bad, then what is?):

Lois Schupmann, who has owned Lila's Women's Apparel at 911 W. Broadway since 1985, said an increased police presence has quieted crime.

"Really and truly, it's not that bad," she said.
We all have different levels of tolerance. Personally, record robberies and a good start on Minneapolis homicides exceeds most people's comfort level of tolerance.

WCCO 4 News also reports: "Man Shot, Killed In North Minneapolis".

Suspects remain on the loose.