Friday, February 03, 2006

More Havoc in Minneapolis Schools

Maybe there's a connection between the inability of the Minneapolis public school system to educate its children and the current Minneapolis Quagmire of crime. Does it stand to reason that a dysfunctional school system will lead to more dropouts and poorly-educated children, who in turn will become criminals? We know that many of our criminals come from out of state, but we seem to have developed a local farm system with an endless supply of malcontents and sociopaths, and this theory is as good as any other at this point.

In the Twin Cities, we seem to have no shortage of young people ill-equipped to deal with the world around them. Is this the result of a Minneapolis Public School education?

There's more bad news from Minneapolis. This story apparently doesn't appear in print yet, but Fox 9 News last night reported that Minneapolis School Board member Sharon Henry-Blythe is being investigated for the same transgressions as Thandiwe Peebles - using staff for personal business, etc. Few details are known. More on that later as it develops.

In another development, the Red Star reports: "Principal of Minneapolis school is suspended".

A Minneapolis principal was ordered out of her school Monday and put on leave pending an investigation of an undisclosed nature.

Hattie Bonds, principal of W. Harry Davis Academy, a K-8 school in north Minneapolis, was placed on paid leave, said schools spokesman Josh Collins. School family support liaison Charles Jackson also was put on leave in connection with the investigation, Collins said.
There's no reason given for these stunning developments.

He [Associate Superintendent Von Sheppard] would not say why the two were being investigated, except that police are not involved.
More on this story as details emerge.

This begs the daily question: What is going on in Minneapolis? Are these people utterly incapable of the responsibility of providing a solid education for children without corruption, incompetence, or ignorance?