Sunday, January 29, 2006

Killer captured

The criminal with the claim to fame of being the first murderer of 2006 in Minneapolis has been captured: "Man arrested in Minneapolis' first murder of 2006"

Prosecutors charged the man they say committed the first homicide in Minneapolis this year.

The arrest of Andre Johnson follows the discovery of the victim's body on the morning of January 22, outside North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale.
This appears to be a case of domestic conflict, a condition that too often results in violence.

"According to police records, police reports from Saint Paul and Minneapolis.these two had a very violent past.domestic related relationship," says Captain Rich Stanek with the Minneapolis Police Department.

The last call to police was a week ago. According to the criminal complaint, Johnson fired his gun several times that night as he drove through a north Saint Paul neighborhood. Police say Janaya was also there and the two argued. Two days later, Janaya was dead.
One wonders if he was jailed following the gunshot episode. If not, he should have been. Maybe the young lady could have had a chance.

One down, too many more to go.

[Photo courtesy of Kare 11 News]