Thursday, January 26, 2006

The state of our schools

While there are good students and good teachers in both the Minneapolis and St. Paul schools, the reality seems to be that sending your precious little ones to these institutions of learning will subject them to, in no particular order: liberal indoctrination, disruption, incompetent administration, questionable values, and possibly violence.

We learn today that a 15 year old boy sustained a beat-down by a group of thugs, in school, sufficient to cause seizures and bleeding: "Fight lands St. Paul student in hospital".

A high school freshman was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after a brutal beating-- in school.

Students at St Paul's Harding High School say a group of students jumped a 15-year-old boy just after lunch in the hallway.

When police got to the school, they found the victim on the ground bleeding and having seizures.

"They got through a couple of hits and he just fell to the ground and started shaking," said Brandon Hammond, a student. "I was lookin’ out the window and I saw them carry him out on a stretcher."
How is your kid going to survive in that type of environment?

Meanwhile, the Minneapolis School system remains in disarray: "Board and Peebles plan to confer Friday".

After two abortive attempts to discuss her future, the Minneapolis school board plans to sit down with Superintendent Thandiwe Peebles on Friday in what may be a climactic meeting.
And people wonder why good families flee to the suburbs. More on this later.