Monday, January 23, 2006

Liberal bias in the MSM

And liberals can't understand why we complain of leftist bias in the MSM.

The International Herald Tribune's Elisabeth Bumiller writes today about President Bush's current reading choice, "Mao: The Unknown story", the "814-page biography that presents the Chinese dictator as another Hitler or Stalin".

The book might at first seem an odd choice for Bush, whose taste in biography, like that of other U.S. presidents, runs to previous occupants of the Oval Office. But it is not so surprising given that "Mao: The Unknown Story" has been embraced by the right as a searing indictment of Communism.
So far, so good. What could be more natural than a president who has just overthrown an evil dictator reading about an evil dictator of the past?

So what is the title of the article? "How biography of Mao offers insight into Bush".

Nice jab, IHT. Thanks for disabusing us of the notion that you're biased.

The next example is local.

Today's Red Star (1/23/06) has an article in "The World" section by Beth Duff-Brown about the upcoming Canadian vote today, which is particularly noteworthy because of the endemic corruption of the current liberal government (Exhaustively exposed by Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters).

If it had been a conservative government embroiled in the scandals, you can bet the article would be titled something like: "Likely ousting of Conservatives following corruption and scandal".

But no, our local Red Star (paper version), headlines the article "Canadians considering a change".

Good grief.