Friday, January 20, 2006

You're fired, and take that $250,000.00 with you

Couldn't see this one coming: "Peebles could be on her way out". It's like the bad movie that never ends.

Just get it over with, Minneapolis School Board! Give her the 250 large, and move on to your next mistake. The name Peebles really didn't have staying power anyway. Sounds too much like "peoples", like the People's Republic of Minneapolis.

The board's focus has shifted from weighing allegations of wrongdoing against Peebles to considering the conditions for her departure, say sources familiar with the discussions.

Those sources say that Peebles was told this week that the board is ready to fire her.
Too much talking. Just do it. What does Peebles care? She'll just take her sack of gold back East, and tell her friends funny stories about the dysfunctional liberal dunces in Minneapolis who threw money at her to leave, just like they did with Carol Johnson before her, and just like they'll do with the next one that comes along.

"There's not been the huge outcry that I expected," said [Minneapolis School] board member Lydia Lee.
That's because the taxpayers in Minneapolis expect their leaders to stumble and fumble, and they weren't disappointed, nor were they surprised. It's business as usual in the blue dot in the red state.