Monday, January 16, 2006

Straight to Hell

One of the Rambix links that turns up most frequently on search engine hits relates to the matricide/fratricide killings in Hastings, MN in October of 2005. Here is one of the related posts, "Hastings (alleged) murderers & newspaper photos".

Many of the searches are for the killer's names, with "Niedere" and "Keister" being the most frequent. Matthew Niedere's parents were the victims, slaughtered by their own son and his friends.

The unspeakable horror struck the small sleepy town of Hastings like a bombshell. The killers were young, and generally remembered to have been good kids. The killings were cold, calculated, and businesslike. The motive was money.

Many of us cannot imagine the depravity involved in murder of another human being, much less a parent. What impulse, what evil, could impel Clayton Keister to fire a shotgun blast directly at Mrs. Niedere's head after several rounds from a .22 caliber handgun failed to kill her?

This crime was particularly henious, which may explain the frequency of the search engine hits leading to this blog.

While the psychic wounds of the Hastings murders are still fresh, and as yet unajudicated, details of yet another matricide crime from Chaska are emerging, with shockingly similar details:
Police are calling the shooting death of a 52-year-old woman a "calculated" slaying and have arrested four people, including the woman's 20-year-old son.

Nancy Lynn Everson was killed early Sunday and police arrested her 20-year-old son, a few hours later. Police Chief Scott Knight said Monday that three other suspects also were arrested.

The killing was "planned in advance, very calculated and coldly carried out," Knight said.
In both of these cases, the killers had friends as accomplices, the motives was ostensibly money, and both involved children murdering their parents in cold blood.

It's only by luck that Tom Everson escaped the wrath of his son:

Family spokesman Marsh Halberg, an attorney and longtime friend, said that when Tom Everson awoke, his wife was not in bed. He fled through a closet window in his bedroom and ran to a neighbor's house, where police were called.

Police found Nancy Everson dead in the home and hours later arrested her son in a vehicle a few blocks away, Knight said.
Both of these crimes represent a level of evil and depravity that is difficult for normal people to comprehend. They were not crimes of passion, not executed out of a fit of anger, and did not appear to involve mental illness, or anything else that would lend a degree of plausibility.

Why is our society failing our youth to such a degree? Why do we embrace or implicitly condone a culture of death? Why do we not think that negligence will have repercussions?

The reasons are many, and most are obvious. We simply have allowed evil in many forms to permeate our lives, and the result is that too many of our youth will find themselves going straight to Hell.

If anyone has a theory on why so many young people have turned to the dark side, please post it in the comments.