Sunday, January 08, 2006

Edina robbery, Minneapolis robbery connection?

As many of you know, Edina is a "first ring" suburb that borders Minneapolis, and is home to a lot of money, and therefore a lot of banks. There are also several heavily traveled freeways that cut through the city, making it a preferred destination for bank robbers, because they can hit a bank and quickly get on a freeway to escape.

Last Friday, January 6, 2006, a TCF bank on W. 66th St. in Edina was hit by an armed robber using violent tactics, including threats of death. Though bank robberies are always serious, this "takeover" type scenario is much more troubling than some crackhead coming in with his finger sticking out of his pocket.

The robber is a black man (The idiot took off his mask while still on camera) described as having an East African accent. This description is reminiscent of two waves of Minneapolis robberies from spring and fall of 2005. Rambix has documented those crimes here in an 11/25/01 post. The suspects utilized guns and escalating violence in their robberies. In the fall crime wave, the criminals were described in a television news report as (paraphrasing): "A group of 20-25 Somali males, who are committing armed robberies around Minneapolis, and particularly Uptown." Uptown is not far from Edina.

You'll note in the 11/25/01 Rambix post, the suspects who were arrested in late spring of 2005 were East African in origin (Their charge status is unknown). The word at the time was that a group of Somali males was responsible for a large number of robberies plaguing the Uptown area in general. They may be the same criminals who returned with a vengeance in the fall of 2005.

Now a bank in Edina has been robbed by a possible East African suspect, not far from where dozens of robberies were committed by suspected East Africans. So is there a connection?

Rambix won't draw any conclusions at this point, but this is something track as we head toward the spring of 2006.

Edina bank robber suspect photos, courtesy of WCCO TV News: