Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Southwest Minneapolis burglary alert

The Minneapolis Police have issued a burglary alert for Southwest Minneapolis to coincide with the skyrocketing robbery rate:

During this last week, 11 burglaries have been reported to Minneapolis Police in Sector 3, which is the area south of 46th St within the 5th Pct. That is the same amount of burglaries that occurred in the 4 previous weeks combined! These burglaries occurred at all times of the day and night and shared no similar MO. In 7 of the burglaries, a front or back door was kicked in. Stolen items are jewelry, cash, and DVD's. One arrest was made on Jan. 1 to a burglary suspect but burglaries still continue in the district. No other suspect information has been given to police.
Here are the locations of the burglaries:

4900 block of Knox Ave S
6000 block of Morgan Ave S
4800 block of Colfax Ave S
5700 block of Wentworth Ave S
5500 block of Grand Ave S
5600 block of Fremont Ave S
5600 block of Logan Ave S
4800 block of Nicollet Ave S
4900 block of Vincent Ave S
5800 block of Blaisdell Ave S
4900 block of Knox Ave S

Welcome to Minneapolis!