Thursday, January 05, 2006

Minneapolis and St. Paul - rudderless and adrift

What is to be the fate of two medium sized cities, existing side-by-side, floating in the ether of liberalism, divorced from reality, and unable to reconcile mean truths with their fantastic visions of utopia?

Residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul, confined to their government subsidized housing at night for fear of encroaching crime, wonder what tomorrow will bring as their elected officials, overome by Chirac-like fits confusion and indecision, are nowhere to be found. Cries of despair echo unheard across the snowy boulevards, lost in the cacophany of random gunfire.

The wind whistles through the wind-blown shutters of 3rd floor City Hall, Minneapolis, through empty hallways and offices, interrupted by the occasional pitter-patter of mice scampering about. A solitary figure slowly ambles through the once-bustling corridors, pushing a broom through the void, resplendent in all her multicultural glory.

Later, much later, a voice is heard through the gloom. A helping hand is extended to the unseen leaders of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and a calm, caring voice says softly, "I have a solution to some, not all, but some of your problems. Let me help".

After a moment's hesitation or two, the leaders responded with weak and tiny voices; an answer was given: read on if you dare.