Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Minneapolis Quagmire: Robberies "Out of control"

It's not been a good start in 2006 for violent crime in Mayor Ryback's Minneapolis. This blog has documented the waves of violent crime enveloping the city from north to south throughout 2005, and now into 2006.

Because no meaningful offensive action had been taken against the ever more vicious criminal element, it was clear that 2006 would produce more of the same. Rambix predicted the violence would explode again in the spring.

Rambix was wrong. It's already started.

In today's Red Star, buried on what used to be the "B" section, the headline reads "Robberies are now out of control". Lt. Mike Fossum of the Minneapolis Police robbery unit reveals it's even worse than imagined:

Twenty hours on Monday and Tuesday strikingly illustrate the problem that Minneapolis police continue to battle: 24 people and two businesses were robbed, said Lt. Mike Fossum.

"That's how out of control it is," said Fossum, head of the department's robbery unit.
From this statistic you'd think it was October, not January 25th:

The city had 80 more robberies as of Monday than in the same period last year. And in 2005, robberies shot up 22 percent from 2004.
Why is this story buried on an inside section of the Red Star? This should be front page, above the fold.

Mayor Ryback and his crew apparently spending too much time celebrating diversity, the Chief has been otherwise occupied taking hero medals from his officers and playing to the community activists, and Henneping County Attorney Klobuchar has been spending more time campaigning than incarcerating the animals who are destroying what's left of Minneapolis.

Rambix wants know:

It's questionable whether the criminals are locally grown. Where are they coming from, and why?

If the majority of the violent criminals are coming from out of state, what specifically is drawing them to Minnesota?

What immediate plans are in place to crush the criminals and end the lawlessness before even more people get hurt?

Make no mistake, this is not a beat cop issue. Those men and women are doing all they can in the environment they're given. The responsibility is top down.

The Mayor in particular, if he cares at all about the city, should be very concerned about what's left of it's reputation. The liberals of Minneapolis are always barking about "peace"; well, let's bring peace by implementing a brutal offensive against the scum who stealing our peace and security.