Monday, January 30, 2006

Exposing the left - Kos Kids and more

A fellow MOB blogger and Minnesota political analysis must-read, Kennedy vs. The Machine, has a nice run of posts which (1) expose the sordid underbelly of the Kos Kids Krew, (2) shine the light of truth on local "crime-fighter" Senator-wanna-be Amy Klobuchar's association with the radical left, and (3) uncovers Ms. Klobuchar's utter disregard for the will of the (majority) of the people in her non-support of a proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban homosexual "marriage".

Hennepin County Attorney Klobuchar is treading on dangerous ground (not that we discourage it!), and Gary and Andy and the boys are happy to publicize her mistaken ways.

Meanwhile the Kos Kids, representative of a large and growing part of the radical left, show themselves to be the crude, uncivilized, feral leftists that they are. Wider exposure of their antics is good for the right.