Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ryback reaches higher?

"RT Rybak-Let him do to the country what he did to Minneapolis"

Chad the Elder of Fraters Libertas posts on speculation by "political black belts" about whether Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Ryback ought to challenge Norm Coleman for Senate in 2008.

Ryback's "successes" have been thoroughly documented in this blog. In fact, any potential Ryback voter should simply read this post before throwing your support in his direction: "2005: The Minneapolis Quagmire - year end roundup".

God help us if he does for the country what he did for Minneapolis.

From the Pioneer Press article:

But would he consider a run against Coleman if backers pushed him to do it?

"It's possible," Rybak said, "but I'm not a traditional politician. I'm a person who loves being mayor of Minneapolis."
Try it sometime first.

Bloggers will be waiting for your announcement.