Friday, February 10, 2006

More On Minneapolis Shooting Victim

A $10,000 reward is being offered to find the unidentified animals who took the eye of a productive member of society while traveling through Minneapolis.

The victim, who goes by the last name Schiller, was rushed to the hospital by her husband, Robert Wheeler, a semi-retired doctor. Kare 11 News reports that Mr. Wheeler also took a disturbing photo of his wife following the removal of her eye.
Theresa Schiller's husband Robert Wheeler and son Royce Schiller spoke to reporters about the reward and the woman whose life had been so abruptly altered. "This is a photo that I took today of Terry with her injuries. The left eye has been removed," said Wheeler holding a photo of his wife with her left eye sewn shut.
This is the face of a crime victim, no thanks to the various authorities who let her down. Looking at this should bring the reality home of the incompetence of Minneapolis Mayor Ryback, Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, and Police Chief McManus. Where are these people when we need them? What are they doing to put an end to violence in Minneapolis?

Rambix has been particularly hard on Ryback and McManus for obvious reasons, because they are the high-profile, front-line people with duties to protect and serve the citizens. More behind the scenes, but probably with more overall ability to impact crime rates is Ms. Klobuchar. What is she doing to deal with these cretins who revolve through the courts, and end up back on the street?

Police have no suspects or known witnesses and hope this reward will help.

Schiller's son, Royce, said he's angry, "It's pretty devastating to hear your mom has been shot, I thought she was dead. I was just angry, why do people have to carry guns? Why do they have to think that that's the way the world works, because it doesn't have to work that way."
On a side note, the victim's son has some interesting comments. With understanding that he's probably grieving, and considering that we don't know his age, his rhetorical question seems to border on ignorance and would appear to reflect a liberal upbringing. This in no way is meant to denigrate the family; it's merely an observation. But this is the same squishy nonsense we hear all the time, particularly from urban liberals.

Does the son not distinguish between good people arming themselves and bad people arming themselves? Does he think that guns and violence will ever go away? Instead of being angry at guns, one might think he'd be angry at the criminals.

Again, I'm pointing this out not to give the family a hard time, but this naive attitude is indicative of how far we've fallen as a society in teaching our young people right from wrong, and good from evil.