Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More on Minneapolis insurgency - record robberies continue

Minneapolis Mayor Ryback's numbers are up, up!

Well, perhaps not the numbers he'd like:

In just the past 10 days, more than a dozen robberies occurred in a section of south Minneapolis that extends pretty much on both sides of Hiawatha Avenue from about 32nd street down to 46th...

These robberies have pushed the number of hold-ups in Minneapolis to 274 for the first month of 2006. That's 100 more than the same time last year which also saw a 22 percent hike in robberies over the prior year.

Can this be true? 274 holdups in one month!? And this is 100 more than last year? Minneapolis is not that big a city. It's worse than previously advertised.

At least one whack job is off the streets (until some liberal judge releases him):

On Monday police charged a man they believe is responsible for some of those hold-ups. Twenty-one-year-old Ebrahim Mohammed of Saint Paul, was charged with four separate counts of armed robbery and is suspected in several others.

According to the criminal complaint against Mohammed, he admitted using a replica gun in a couple of the robberies he's accused of committing. Mohammed told police he used some of the credit cards he stole during several of the robberies.
It's gotta be hell being a Muslim criminal these days. This particular coward apparently traveled with other cowards - it's real impressive sticking up a woman with her two year old son:

One robbery victim was a woman who was with her two-year-old son. "She was down right scared and apparently they have total disregard for folks and safety," said Minneapolis police Captain Rich Stanek.

He said all of the hold-ups took place close to home, "generally two or three male suspects approached victims on the street sometimes when they're getting in or out of their car or going into a residence."
The police appear overwhelmed by trying to keep up with Ryback's criminals:

While these robberies were concentrated on the city's south side, a long string of hold-ups have also been occurring in north Minneapolis. In fact there have been so many hold-ups, police have set up a task force in an effort to identify suspects and hopefully make arrests.
How much more do those of us who live, work, or play in Minneapolis have to take before the boy-Mayor Ryback and the Chief of Diversity take affirmative action against the criminal element? We've had the police tell us the robberies are "out of control". We've seen record numbers. Yet no response from Ryback or his minions. Is he alive? Could someone please check his pulse (if you can find him)?