Monday, February 06, 2006

Minneapolis Intifada: Woman Shot, Loses Eye

A woman and her husband made have made a near-fatal error of visiting Minneapolis.

Fox 9 News reports that a woman and her husband were on their way from dinner to Theodore Wirth Park to check out snow conditions for skiing the next day. While stopped at a stop sign, a shootout broke out nearby and the woman was struck by a round in the eye.

Fox 9's website has scant details at this time, but the TV news report said the woman's eye could not be saved.

A night out is interupted by gunfire for a couple in North Minneapolis. The two had just gone to dinner and were checking out ski conditions for "The City of Lakes Loppet" when shots rang out. The woman was sitting inside their car.. and was hit in the face by one of the bullets. She could lose an eye.
It's unclear if suspects were identified.

Fox 9 News interviewed the husband, who seemed very distraught, as can be imagined. They were minding their own business, out spending money in Rybak's Minneapolis. And for the error of visiting Minneapolis, the victim has lost an eye and nearly her life.