Friday, February 10, 2006

Kowtowing to Muslims

On his Morning in America radio show today, Bill Bennett summed up the MSM response to Muslim rioters as "solicitous". That single word sums up the MSM kowtowing to Muslims in the place of advocating the truth.

The cowardice of the MSM and public institutions is something to behold.

The lack of conviction for First Amendment rights has manifested itself on a local level, as the Red Star reports: "Area College Pulls Mohammed Cartoons".

Tom Ford, Star Tribune

The worldwide controversy regarding caricatures of the prophet Mohammed has reached White Bear Lake, though thus far with nonviolent results.
Dozens of Muslim students at Century College -- a two-year community college -- protested to administrators this week about a display of the infamous caricatures, first published in a Danish newspaper, on a campus bulletin board.

Karen Murdock, a part-time geography and earth science instructor who posted the cartoons -- surrounded by news articles about the topic and blank "comment" sheets -- said she simply wanted to spark discussion by allowing others to see the cartoons first-hand.

But the postings, first displayed Tuesday afternoon, were torn down at least once.

By Thursday, a senior faculty member instructed her to keep the cartoons off the social and behavioral sciences bulletin board, Murdock said. "I thought this might be controversial, but I didn't think it would be quite this controversial," she said.
The "thus far with nonviolent results" is a telling quote. The censorship of free speech on a college campus is disturbing and reveals the pandering gutless educators for the hypocrits they are. Stifling free speech on campus is antithetical to our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and is an especially egregious act on a college campus, which has historically been a bastion of intellectual freedom.

Now it appears that free speech on a college campus is free only for leftists, appeasers, and sycophants.