Monday, February 13, 2006

Criminals gone wild

Talk about a menace to society! The Red Star reports that a prolific burglar and arsonist has been arrested in Minneapolis. He's not just any burglar; he's the king of burglars: "Suspect in flower shop burglary tied to 60 others". And naturally he plys his trade in Minneapolis. Think he's local?

Why is this menace running loose in Minneapolis? How is it that he was able to get away with 60 burglaries?

This unidentified cretin also torched Peterson Flowers five days before Valentine's Day. This of course means that he is a clear and present danger to society. He needs to be identified and locked up until the end of his days as a career criminal.

Not only are a neighborhood and police relieved that a suspect has been arrested in the burglary and arson of a south Minneapolis flower shop last week, but authorities today say the same man is responsible for 60 burglaries since November.

The suspect, a 47-year-old man, was apprehended Friday as he fled from a burglary in the 4100 block of Bryant Avenue S. That's not far from the flower shop, Petersen Flowers on W. 38th Street.
Good work by the local police. It's obvious the crook wasn't going to stop until he had to. His decision to needlessly burn the flower shop after he burglarized it means that he is depraved and capable of killing someone (He could have killed someone).

Even though the fire came just days before Valentine's Day, shop owner Glen Luedtke was undaunted. He and his daughter have been selling flowers from a truck next to the burned-out store.
If you're in the area of W. 38th St. and Bryant in Minneapolis, stop in and give the Flower seller some business. Then let's throw the book at this lowlife.