Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stranger Rape - Suspect On The Loose

This must be a woman's darkest fear. Not only rape, but rape by a stranger in one's own home. It's incomprehensible to imagine.

It's also incomprehensible what I would do if that was one of my loved ones. Movies have been made about that.

Kare 11 News reports: "Woman raped by stranger inside her home".

On Friday, February 10 at about 7:25 in the morning, an 18-year-old woman was sexually assaulted inside her apartment.

She told police there was a knock at the door and a very well groomed man could be seen through the peep hole. He said he was from building maintenance. As she started to open the door the man forced his way in and took out a silver handgun and told the victim not to scream.

He sexually assaulted her, then left.
Let's find this sewer rat before he strikes again. The news report doesn't say where this happened, but the St. Paul Police are on the case.

Here's the suspect description:

She [victim] said he was a black man about 5'9" tall, clean shaven with short hair and a very dark complexion. She said he had a scar on his face that began at a sideburn and extended several inches. She said he was very muscular and had a deep, unaccented voice.

BCA artists created a composite sketch based on her description. If you have any idea who the man in the drawing is, please call Saint Paul Police at 651-291-1111.

Let's get this piece of garbage. Soon.