Thursday, February 16, 2006

Minneapolis Robberies: News You Won't Find In The Red Star

If you only get your news from the Red Star, you're going to miss what is happening under the radar in Minneapolis. Alternate news sources, such as the Twin Cities based WCCO News website and the KSTP News website have been stalwarts for providing information you won't see elsewhere.

One of the things we learn today is that Minneapolis robberies have not gone away; the intifada continues: "Neighborhood Hopes For End To Armed Robberies".

Police said more than 100 armed robberies have occurred in the Cleveland and Willard-Hay neighborhoods, in downtown Minneapolis in the past several months.

Residents often were confronted by three masked men who point a gun in their face and rob them as they pulled into their driveways.

Jerry, a victim's brother-in-law said, "Three dudes came up and had put a gun to the window and told my sister's husband to get out of the car."

Neighbors have been on edge since the robberies began.
I suspect they have been on edge.

Two teens have been arrested, but you'll note the report states 3 masked men were often involved. It's unlikely the two teens are responsible for the 100+ robberies in the past few months.

The violence has been escalating.

Warnings went up and violence escalated when two robbery victims who fought back were shot.

One victim was shot in the back as he ran away from the suspects and another was shot in the hand. They are both recovering from their injuries.

John Hegeland of the Cleveland Neighborhood Association said, "You're near your house, you have a reasonable comfort zone ... that's where people are preying on that cause you're near your house, you feel safe and you're not on the lookout for it."
You'll note from past posts that robberies have been occurring citywide in Minneapolis. There are more of these rats out there, and we shouldn't get too comfortable.

Where is Mayor Ryback on this problem?