Friday, February 17, 2006

The Minneapolis Uprising Continues

Has Minneapolis become a magnet for criminals? By the way, where has Chief McManus been? We've been treated to endless reports of robbery, murder, mayhem, burglaries, and other crime on his watch. Yet he's nowhere to be found. We know the Mayor is hiding, but the Chief of Police? Isn't this his job?

The disintegration of a once-viable city continues:

Minneapolis KSTP Channel 5 News reports a recent serious event: "Police search for carjacker near college".

Police are looking for a carjacking suspect near the College of St. Catherine's campus in Minneapolis. Early Thursday morning, an armed man carjacked someone at the Winner gas station on Riverside Ave., next to Bruegger's.

The suspect took the car a short distance and abandoned it near the College of St. Catherine's Minneapolis Campus. The suspect was last seen in the area of the college.
The suspect is described as a black male with braided hair, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt over a red and white striped shirt. If you have information about this crime, call the Minneapolis Police at 911 or St. Kate's Security.
Nowhere is safe. Yet if you get your news only from the Red Star, you wouldn't know about this. If you read Rambix, you'll know about it.

Meanwhile, Ryback's legacy moves right along: "Auto thefts, and crashes, rising fast in Minneapolis". The only thing that's not rising in Minneapolis is the number of taxpayers.

Four car chases in Minneapolis over the past couple of days have involved stolen vehicles and injuries to innocent victims. Luckily in those cases the injuries were minor.

One police official says it doesn't appear to be rash of car thefts, but rather a growing trend.

Police Lieutenant Mike Sauro says unlike years ago when many thefts were for joy rides, now many auto thieves are stealing either to use the vehicle in a crime or to strip it of its parts.
Car theft is a gateway crime. Sometimes a vehicle is taken for joyrides, but in many cases the vehicle is used in the commission of another crime. And too often people get hurt, because the thieves "drive it like they stole it". Here's a near miss:

On Thursday, a car chase ended in a crash when the suspect being chased smashed into Julie Moseley's vehicle. She was at a stoplight and says she just knew she was about to be hit when she saw the State Patrol pursuing a Chevy Suburban that was bearing down. She was boxed in by traffic and had no where to go, "It was like slow motion, the kid opened up the door and started to get out and hit us and jumped out and ran."

Moseley was shaken-up as was her daughter but neither was injured. But she shuddered knowing how close this could have been to a real tragedy. "We could have had the kids in the car. We have infant car seats but they luckily they were at the sitters." While the State Patrol scoured the nearby area for the thief, no arrest was made.
Things are not looking good under the Mayor and Chief's watch. But your kids are safe in the Minneapolis Public Schools, right?


KSTP News reports: "School gun incident upsets parents":

Parents at a metro school are angry that they were not informed a gun went off during class hours.

A .22 caliber handgun hidden in a student’s backpack accidentally discharged when the bag was thrown on the cafeteria floor at Sheridan Global Arts and Communications school.

School officials initially released limited information about the incident
. They now confirm the gun was brought to school by an eighth grade student.
And this is just the one they found. Even the Red Star looks at this story:

A handgun in a 13-year-old student's backpack accidentally fired during lunchtime at a Minneapolis school, but nobody was injured, said police Capt. Rich Stanek.

Somebody threw the backpack on the ground about 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, police said. A bullet went through the backpack, but Stanek said he didn't know what the bullet hit. It's unclear why the student brought the gun to Sheridan Global Arts and Communications school in northeast Minneapolis.
The student brought the gun there because he could bring it there. And besides, since liberals tell us that guns act on their own, the student should say that the handgun put itself in the backpack. They can't refute their own logic, can they?