Monday, February 20, 2006

Is your neighbor a sex offender?

Who's that creepy guy down the block leering at your children? Is he a criminal and dangerous to your family, or just a little odd? Back in the day, you could only wonder. Today, though, the internet is an ever-increasing depository of useful information.

There's a site for you if you want to know about sex offenders in your midst. Utilize the power of information to protect your loved ones:

First there was "Megan's Law," which strongly encouraged all 50 states to register those who commit sexual offenses against children and sexually violent adults.

While some states complied with the minimal requirements to continue to receive federal crime-fighting funding, others went further.

And, now, the private sector – including Internet businesses – are making it easier than ever for Americans to keep track of sex offenders in their own neighborhoods.

All you've got to do is punch in your address and the registered sex offenders closest to you pop up – with addresses, convictions, sometimes even photographs.

The most popular website for tracking sexual predators is
Family Watchdog.
The information age is helping to shine the light on dangerous people. Different states have different levels of information availability, but sites like Family Watchdog can compile the best of what's out there.

The proprietors of the site point out that 90 percent of all sexual assaults against children are committed by someone the victim knew. The typical sexual predator will attack 30 to 60 times before being caught. The re-arrest rate of convicted child molesters is 52 percent.

"We aim to reduce these percentages by ensuring that all sexual predators are known," boasts the site. "We pray for the day that our service is no longer necessary, and look forward to shutting it down. Until then, let Family Watchdog be your family's best friend."

So successful was the launch of the site in the U.S., the site is preparing a launch in the United Kingdom shortly.
Also try this site:

Give it a shot, what have you got to lose? You may even be surprised.