Monday, June 05, 2006

Securing America's Borders

Protecting America's sovereignty and keeping people safe from criminals or all kinds is priority #1, and a hot topic as we approach the fall mid-term elections. U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kennedy is clear on the issue, as Andy Aplikowski of Kennedy vs. The Machine reports: "Border Security is National Security".

Mark Kennedy has launched a petition drive on his website. Border Security is National Security!

We MUST control our borders and protect our national security. We need a comprehensive immigration policy that:

Includes a plan to build a fence on our border

Bans criminals from becoming U.S. citizens

Requires new citizens to pass an American history test in English & pledge undivided allegiance to the American flag

Sanctions employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens

Denies illegal immigrants the ability to jump ahead of those who are following the rules to get into this country legally
Had enough? So has Mark Kennedy. We need Mark Kennedy in the U.S. Senate to bring common sense to immigration reform. We must protect our borders and prevent illegal immigration because border security is national security!

That is quite a stark difference from Amy Klobuchar who, as best as we can tell, supported a bill that:

Would not have built a fence to secure our border

Granted amnesty to illegal aliens

Done nothing to stop criminals from becoming citizens

Did NOT include making English our National language
Had no serious provisions for punishing employers who knowingly hired illegals

Allowed people to jump ahead of the people who were following the rules to become citizens
Quite a stark contrast indeed.
Thanks for providing clarity and contrast on these two candidate's positions, Andy. If you're interested in security (and Rambix is!), the choice is clear.