Friday, June 02, 2006

Minneapolis Child Abduction Attempt

The Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit has issued a Crime Alert dated 6/2/06 following an attempted abduction of a child:

On June 1 at about 2:40 am on the 43xx block of Abbot (sic) Av S, “Officers were dispatched to the above location on an attempted kidnap of a child. Suspect was gone upon officers arrival. Child was not injured. Canvas of the area did not reveal any evidence.”

This is a reported attempted abduction of a child. We are still actively investigating this case so we cannot give out specific incident information at this time.

The description of the suspect is; about a 40 year old, white male, light build, unshaven facial hair, wearing gloves, a black hat and a black leather coat.

This incident ended without the child being removed from her home or injured.
This appears to be a Red Zone crime. There is no guarantee of safety for those in the Minneapolis Red Zone. And just for good measure, there is no guarantee of safety for those in the Safe Zone of Minneapolis.