Friday, June 02, 2006

Crime Alert 2: Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Police have issued a second crime alert of the day (6/2/06), in this case resulting from some punk-ass burglars breaking into houses and taking things that don't belong to them:

Near North and Willard-Hay Neighborhoods June 2, 2006


From May 23 to May 29, there was an increase in burglaries in Near North and Willard-Hay neighborhoods.

These burglaries have occurred all hours of the day and evening but primarily during late afternoon to early morning hours. The burglars have entered by breaking glass in patio doors and breaking glass and cutting screens in screen doors. Sometimes, the burglar has broken a window near a door, entered by the window and exited by the door near the broken window. In one instance, a burglar came into an apartment with a key from a former tenant.

There is no definitive suspect information at this time.