Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Culture Of Crime - Burglars hit Minneapolis

Yes, summer traditionally brings more burglaries in urban environments, but one per day in one little neighborhood? Why do criminals feel so free to ply their trade in Minneapolis?

KSTP Eyewitness News reports: "Burglars target Minneapolis neighborhood".

Residents of a Minneapolis neighborhood remain nervous after a series of burglaries during the month of May.

Burglars have broken in to over 12 homes in the Windom Park neighborhood, and when surrounding areas are included, the crimes have averaged nearly one per day.

Minneapolis police have issued a crime alert for the area, instructing residents to take precautions, especially during daylight hours.
And the worst kind of burglaries are the "hot" burglaries, where the homeowner and the criminal occupy the house at the same time. The Windom neighborhood has that too:

One resident actually returned home to find a burglar inside.

"I came home around 11:15 and opened the back door; heard this big loud crash and I knew something wasn't right,” says Perry Boyden.
This homeowner lived, but maybe next time someone gets hurt.

Minneapolitans: Take precautions, and never let your guard down in Minneapolis.