Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why I hate Criminals - Old Man Suffers Home Invasion In Minneapolis

Warning: This post is not suitable for minors.

I'm running out of ways to describe the depravity of criminals. They're always coming up with new ways to act out their evil impulses, and the bar keeps getting lowered. The latest "story", as you'll see below, really annoys me.

I loathe criminals because I consider the victims.

People who love criminals, like columnist Ruben Rosario and to a lesser extent Doug Grow of the Red Star don't consider the true victims. In their eyes, the criminal is a victim; a byproduct of racism, elitism, intolerance, lack of diversity, lack of opportunity, the evil white man, ad nauseum.

In my view criminals are in many cases sociopathic, in nearly all cases narcissistic, and in a preponderance of cases depraved. They are coddled by the "system", given too many chances, and too often don't learn their lessons. And liberal columnists like the two aforementioned are part of the problem, not the solution.

Here's the story that led to my little diatribe, from KSTP Eyewitness News: "Elderly man tied up, robbed in own home".

A 73-year-old man is recovering after being tied up and robbed in his own home.

The incident happened at around 1 a.m. Wednesday at the man’s home on 34 th and Johnson St. NE.

The man, who requests to remain anonymous, says two men knocked on his front door and told him they needed help after being in a car accident.

The man says the two suspects punched him, threw him to the floor and tied him up.
I want these scum locked up and given sentences so stiff it will make them cry. I want them doing hard labor each and every day for the duration of their long sentences, with breaks on Sunday morning for church. I want them to suffer every possible indignity while incarcerated. I want them broken.

And that will happen never.

Once again, Minneapolitans are shocked, shocked that such crime could happen in their neighborhood (folks, apparently you haven't been tuning in to the Rambix blog. If so, you wouldn't be surprised).

Neighbors say that kind of crime is unusual in the neighborhood.

"I'm in shock, I just can't believe it would happen in this neighborhood because it's safe,” says one woman. “I'm going to start locking my doors all the time now." [Ed. - you're in Minneapolis lady, not Mayberry]

The suspects fled with the keys to the victim’s SUV, a red, 2004 Chevrolet Blazer with four doors and the Minnesota license plate LNW 692.
I know there are worse crimes, but beating up an old man in his own home is sick.

I hope these rats are caught, and caught soon. I hope the citizens of Minneapolis wake up and realize their "leadership" has failed them, and that they actually do something about it instead of be so surprised about it all the time.