Monday, May 22, 2006

Crime Alert: Robbery of Business

More Minneapolis mayhem; the Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit has issued an Advisory Crime Alert following a robbery of business yesterday at 4618 Nicollet Ave. S.

At 11:07 pm on Sunday May 21, 2006 there was also a Robbery of Business at 4618 Nicollet Av S.

“Officers took a robbery of business report at the above the location. Suspects displayed handguns and fled the scene with the loss.”
That's certainly a paucity of information. What do these rats look like? Vehicle description? What's the name of the business?

This is an area near "good" Minneapolis neighborhoods, and "normal" people shop and do business at the strip mall on the corner. Unfortunately, it's also located in the Red Zone, which leads me to issue this advice:

Use discretion at all times when shopping, living, or working in
Minneapolis, particularly when you enter the Red Zone.