Sunday, May 21, 2006

Richfield Shooting Update

Some of you probably wonder why I'm concerned about a shooting in Richfield, when the primary focus of this blog is Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Here's why, for those of you who may not be familiar with the area. 66th and Penn Ave. S. in Richfield is a major crossroads for people traveling from Minneapolis to the I494 corridor, as well as for those coming to or from Edina to Hwy 62 (Crosstown) to Minneapolis or St. Paul, or the airport, or any number of places.

In addition, the intersection is not far from Southdale Shopping Center in Edina, the hospital, and other destinations.

A shooting in broad daylight in that area is particularly troubling because of the potential fallout. Your mother, son, daughter, husband, or wife could easily have been in the line of fire.

Most of us won't lose sleep if a gangbanger shoots another gangbanger, but the problem is we often get caught in the crossfire. This is how gang-on-gang, or criminal-on-criminal crime affects us all.

We can't allow that to happen.

Here's an update from WCCO News: "Police: Road Rage Led To Gunfire In Richfield".

(WCCO) Richfield, Minn. One man was hospitalized after an apparent road rage incident ended in gunfire Friday in Richfield, Minn., police said.

Police said the altercation happened near West 66th Street at Penn Avenue South around 5 p.m.

Two male drivers got out of their vehicles and confronted each other outside a fast food restaurant, police said.

Authorities said one man punched the other, then shots were fired.

One of the drivers sustained a cut above his eye and was taken to an undisclosed hospital for treatment. No other injuries were reported.

Police recovered a gun and said it was not yet clear who fired shots in the altercation.
The other driver was not in custody Friday night.