Thursday, May 18, 2006

ALERT: New Robbery Near Site Of Wednesday's Carjacking Attempt

I hate to interrupt a great comment thread going on in the previous post, but we've got more problems to deal with in Minneapolis, and this one is again near Tracy's house and the previous carjacking attempt.

You won't read this in the Red Star, so here's the crime alert from the Minneapolis SAFE Unit, dated 5/18/06:

SAFE 5.2: 39xx Pleasant Av Robbery

This morning (5-18-06) at about 3:10 am a Robbery of Person took place on the 39xx block of Pleasant Av. S. This is the second morning in a row, with a similar type of robbery. Yesterday morning there was a similar robbery on the 37xx block of Harriet Av S. The suspect description is also similar, but is very vague.

Here is the Public Information from this case;

“Victim was robbed at gunpoint while seated in her vehicle out in front of her home. Victim was not injured. Suspect is described as a black male, mid 20's, medium build, 5'08 to 5'10, wearing a dark hooded nylon jacket with hood up, blue jeans, and brandished a black handgun. Suspect fled on foot northbound on Pleasant Av. S. with victims checkcard. Victim given case card.”
It's apparent Tracy lives in the Red Zone, because surely the heavy police presence in the "Safe Zone" would have prevented these crimes, right? It appears you're on your own in the Red Zone.

Furthermore, this kind of garbage makes it harder for JB's opponents to claim rural is just as dangerous as urban. I for one am not buying it. Sure, with the influx of "immigrants", meth, and gang culture to rural towns, crime and violence have increased. But it's just a shadow of the culture of crime in Minneapolis.

The density of a city environment elevates your chances of encountering gangs, violence, or crime in general. Ask Rambix reader McGruv, who had a cold-blooded execution take place in his back yard. Ask our Anti-Strib friend Tracy, who is living the nightmare of being in close proximity to the recent crimes detailed in this post and the previous post. These are hitting close to home, no?

And summer's not even here yet, folks.