Tuesday, May 16, 2006

For Want Of A Clue

Dan of Smoke Out Gary posts on a disturbing development in the Minneapolis Police chief search. Minneapolis Mayor Rybak has outdone himself by cobbling together a Police Chief Advisory Committee which appears to have been built on political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism with no recognizable law enforcement component.

I’m suffering a melt-down.

Mayor Rybak has released a list of Advisory Committee Members to select Minneapolis’ next police chief.

Here it is:

Mayor’s Police Chief Advisory Committee:
Peggy Flanagan, Committee Co-Chair, Minneapolis School Board
Al Gallmon, Committee Co-Chair, Fellowship Baptist Church
Shukri Adan, Universal Home Health Care
Roberta Englund, Folwell/Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization
Linda Higgins, Minnesota Senate
Frank Hornstein, Minnesota House of Representatives
Fred LaFleur, Hennepin County Community Corrections
Duo Lee, Southeast Asian Community Council
Juan Linares, economic empowerment activist and consultant
Don Samuels, Minneapolis City Council
David Sternberg, Downtown Business Council
Dan comments:

WHA!? There are no cops on the advisory committee to pick a new chief of police? The Mayor has indicated that he will hear officer’s input via a “focus group.” The chairpeople of his committee are from a church, and the SCHOOL BOARD?
Don't forget the urban socialists, Dan.

Chad the Elder from Fraters Libertas analyzes the misplaced priorities of the urban socialists:

Instead of spending their time on smoking bans, making the city "greener," assuring gender and ethnic diversity in the ranks of the City's street sweepers, and where their next bribe is coming from (in the case of the City Council at least), they should concentrate on making the streets safe, the schools decent, and the burden of government on citizens and businesses tolerable. No, I'm not holding my breath.
Mayor Rybak & Company seem to learn little from experience.

It's going to be a long summer for Minneapolis citizens