Monday, May 15, 2006

New Minneapolis Police Chief?

While I can't imagine why anyone would want the job of Minneapolis Police Chief, the Red Star reports that a choice for chief may have already been made: "Is pick for Minneapolis police chief already a done deal?".

While Mayor R.T. Rybak announced Monday that he would name his candidate for Minneapolis' next police chief by September, many believe the choice already has been made.

Interim Chief Tim Dolan is the job's frontrunner. Unlike the process that brought Bill McManus to town from Dayton, Ohio, as chief two years ago, there won't be a national search, Rybak said. That cost the city more than $30,000, and McManus left in April to become the chief in San Antonio, Texas.
Picking someone from within the ranks is a great idea, but Minneapolis leaders don't like doing things the simple way. They will somehow find a way to spend taxpayer's dollars in the chief search process.

Apparently Interim Chief Dolan is smart enough to live outside of Minneapolis, yet this is somehow an issue for Mayor Rybak (Mr. Mayor - It's fortunate someone is interested in the job at all. Don't nitpik on where that interested person lives).

A snag in Dolan's nomination could be that he lives in Edina, and Rybak said Monday that it's "very important" for the chief to live in Minneapolis. Previous chiefs have lived in the city, but there is no residency requirement.

"I will be applying for the job, and I know it could be a factor," Dolan said Monday. "My roots have always been in the city. I've worked and lived most of my life there. It doesn't make any difference on my commitment."
Of course it doesn't make a difference. I bet a lot of the cops don't live there either. They work there and know better.

Rybak has repeatedly said that the city won't miss a beat on public safety with Dolan running the department in an interim position. And with serious reported crime 17 percent higher than this time last year, the mayor indicated that the next chief needs to hit the ground running.
Crime keeps going up (17%!). Maybe it's time for a new strategy (see here) and new blood in the department.

I hear Fire chief Bleskachek might be available.