Monday, May 29, 2006

They Want Your Children

And another reason to have contempt for liberals: few of them believe in good and evil. Behavior propensity is "nuanced", don't you know.

Try reading this story and not believe in evil: "Predators Using Single Moms For Access To Kids".

(WCCO) Enough sexual predators are having relationships with single mothers to gain access to children, that police are saying the trend is reaching epidemic proportions.
This is sick. Really sick.

Keep reading; it's enough to make a 2nd Amendment believer out of even the squishiest liberal:

One sexual offender, who spoke on condition of not being identified, admitted that's the process he used to offend. He requested to be referred to as "Don" in this piece.

"I used the mom to trust me and like me so I could be around the children," he said.

Don is a level 3 sex offender, a level designated for the most likely people to commit another sex crime.

"I groomed her for about six months. I bought her everything she wanted," he said.
Anyone remember Ellie Nessler?

Five years ago, Don was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old and a 13-year-old girl.

"I got the mother to love me and think I was a great guy, got her to trust me because I was doing all this for her kids," he said.

He then followed by sexually preying on the children.

It didn't happen to single mom Katy Norenberg and her girls, but she can understand how women become victims.

"You're looking for somebody who's nice and is nice to your kids, and you're going 'Yea, I found the perfect person," said Norenberg.

Don said that's just what sex offenders count on.

"If he's paying attention to one child more than another, or if he's paying attention to the child more than he is you ... there's something going on," he said.
Remember, Level 3's are rarely "cured". When a state legislator asks for additional funding for incarceration of high-risk sex-offenders, give him what he wants.

Don and police recommend single moms talk to their children about sexual predators and stress to them they must tell an adult about any behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Also they say to do a criminal background check on the Department of Corrections Web site which lists the state's registered sex offenders.
Here's the Minnesota Level 3 sex "offender" search.

Always be alert; trust, but verify - scratch that: trust no one with your child unless they share your DNA or unless you are certain beyond a reasonable doubt they are worthy of spending time with you and your children.

And keep a large caliber "behavior modification" tool handy, just in case.