Friday, April 28, 2006

"Attacked, Robbed, And Stabbed": Violence Engulfs Liberal St. Paul Colleges

Hat tip to Rambix readers Andrew R. and gooberhamm on the plague of violent crimes on or near uber-liberal colleges Hamline and Macalester in St. Paul, MN.

This is not a new trend, by the way. I've written about this previously on 2/1/06: "Violent robbers terrorize South Minneapolis, Hamline & Macalester Colleges".

I don't want for anyone to be a crime victim, but these folks are easy targets - passive peacnik liberals. The criminals know their natural sense of self-preservation has been "educated" out of them by the liberal establishment.

The first report comes from the Pioneer Press: "Man stabbed during St. Paul robbery".

A 19-year-old man walking near Hamline University in St. Paul on Wednesday night was stabbed and beaten during a robbery, police said today.

The Stillwater man was taken to Regions Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, said Pete Crum, St. Paul police spokesman.

The man was walking near Hamline United Methodist Church, in the area of Asbury Street and Englewood Avenue, at about 10 p.m. when he came upon two men. They asked to borrow money and when he said, "no," they stabbed him in the upper chest, threw him to the ground and kicked and punched him, Crum said.
I do give this victim credit for telling the punks "no", although you have to be ready to throw down at that point since thugs won't take "no" for an answer. That said, it's certainly more difficult with multiple opponents.

The second story is from WCCO News: "Students On Alert After One Attacked, Stabbed".

(WCCO) St. Paul A 19-year-old Hamline University student is recovering Friday after being attacked, robbed and stabbed Wednesday night.

The attack occurred around 10:00 p.m. at Asbury Street and Englewood Avenue in St Paul.

All over the campus the warnings are out and meetings are being held. Some students wonder if their fellow classmates have enough urban savvy.

Hamline University student Patrick Rieger said, "Students at Hamline are ill-informed at how to carry themselves, especially when they don't come from an urban Midway background."
What an enlightening description. I suspect many of these kids are from urban backgrounds, but they've been sheltered in their urban enclaves of Southwest Minneapolis and the like. Their upbringing in "diversity" left out some important details, which they're finding out the hard way.

St Paul Police said the victim was approached by two men in black hoodies who asked for money.

When the victim said no, he was stabbed in the chest, thrown on the ground and kicked and punched.

Jaqueline Getty, a spokeswoman for Hamline, said, "I think that a lot of people forget. They're on their cell phones or they're listening to their MP3 players and they're not aware about what's happening behind them."
Macalester College is also experiencing violence, and they have a web site devoted to security issues, except the formatting is odd in that they take .jpeg's of the Alert flyers and post them on the site. There appears to be a rash of alerts (why didn't I read this in the Red Star?), dating from 4/17/06, 4/21/06, and 4/27/06: