Saturday, April 22, 2006

Execrable City Pages

Back in the day, City Pages had some redeeming value. They reported stories the MSM wouldn't touch; many of which were very insightful, interesting, and just plain fun to read.

Those days are gone, as I noted in this post from 7/6/05. The weekly paper's crack reporting has morphed into propagandizing for liberal, socialist, and "alternative lifestyle" causes.

The City Pages of today also exhibits an unseemly envy of conservatives. No opportunity to demonize the right is lost. Having no positive values of their own to uphold, they try to fill their moral vacuum with hatred and bile directed at those with whom they disagree rather than challenge their opponents on substance. This is the modus operandi of the left.

The latest targets are big: Powerline and Governor Pawlenty.

City Pages writer Mike Mosedale took the time to pick out a particular word which has appeared in Powerline a number of time: "execrable".

Yes, that's the point of the blog entry: To point out how many times the word "execrable" has been used by the boys at Powerline.

An execrable fetish at Powerline

The boys at Powerline have fallen in love with the adjective "execrable." They just can't stop, um, excreting the word. Maybe this is due to a garden variety case of pundit fatigue. Between their daily blog posts, regular cable TV appearances and ceaseless efforts to combat the sinister forces of liberalism (not to mention their day jobs as high powered attorneys), Minnesota's leading conservative bloggers certainly keep a very busy schedule. They probably don't have the time to pry open a thesaurus in search of a synonym. Or maybe their use of the term is simply symptomatic of being in a state of constant indignation--an affliction evident to even the most casual Powerline reader.
This is important stuff. Thanks, Mike. Can we expect a follow-up report on the frequency of use of the word "the"?

Meanwhile, G.R. Anderson attacks from the left flank: "Pawlenty vs. MPLS: Nice try, governor".
Appearing on MPR on Tuesday, Pawlenty got specific on how Minneapolis should save money and put more cops on the street. Trouble is, the Governor's spouting had almost no relation to reality, let alone good governance.

Every politician under the sun has to play the public safety card these days, so it was no surprise that Pawlenty used a couple of recent murders--Uptown and downtown--to opine that what Minneapolis really needs is more cops and now.
I see a governor doing what a governor is supposed to do: look for solutions to problems. And Minneapolis is a big problem.

So Pawlenty offered a solution: The city should do away with its Civil Rights Department and Civil Service Commission, eliminate or consolidate its park police, and figure out a way to merge its library system with Hennepin County's.
Trim the fat, do away with excess and bloat, and concentrate on ensuring that the people who visit the city will not have to leave it in a box. We know that the liberal power brokers will cling tenaciously to the government programs that sustain their existence, but the city must break free of the socialist mindset in order to survive as a destination of choice.

I'm not hopeful that will happen.

Saint Paul of Fraters Libertas has a good summary of the dysfunction of the Minneapolis and it's chances for recovery.

So instead of shooting the messenger, City Pages, how about some of your reporting of old? Use your resources to uncover why criminals are coming to Minnesota from other parts of the country to rob, shoot, and murder in Minneapolis. Find out why liberal judges are soft on sentencing. In short, give us the details the Red Star won't.