Thursday, April 20, 2006

"I am scared from this place right now"

Experiencing violence up close and personal tends to focus the mind. A recent victim of a gruesome stabbing/robbery understands that Minneapolis has descended into virtual anarchy, and the criminals are in control. Unlike so many others, Mr. Ahmed survived his attack.

KSTP News reports:

“I was standing here and the guy came inside and I just say ‘Hello’ to him,” Ahmed says. “He just come inside my counter and he started stabbing me. I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Just give me the money… give me the money.’”

Ahmed says the suspect continued stabbing him. “Again, he stab in my back and the blood was coming out and I was feeling very, very bad pain, you know, and then I said ‘Ok, I just give you money.’”
It's not just comply or be killed anymore. The new criminal code seems to be comply and be killed.

Yet for some reason Mr. Ahmed is not happy with his business experience in Minneapolis.

Ahmed was robbed only one other time since purchasing the store last year, but he says he is now afraid and wants to move.

“It was my dream to open my own store, some gas station, but it happened like this, I am scared from this place right now,” he said. “I just want to move. I want to go some other place, not here.”

He adds that he thinks it is people coming from other areas who are committing most crimes. “I know that the neighborhood is good, but the people who come around from different places and rob here.”
Well, he was robbed only one other time. It could be worse.

I suspect the "other areas" criminals come from, Mr. Ahmed, may include Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, and Michigan. And they're not coming here for the winters.

Please prove me wrong on that theory.