Monday, April 17, 2006

The Zebuhr Conspiracy

You may recall from a prior post that Uptown murder victim Michael Zebuhr was involved in a group known as Scholars for 9/11 truth, or "S9/11T". These fine folks, which include in their membership some highly educated people such as Mr. Zebuhr, do not believe that Islamofascists brought down the Twin Towers. Instead they "believe that the government not only permitted 9/11 to occur but may even have orchestrated these events to facilitate its political agenda."

If you believe the hypothesis of S9/11T then you'll believe anything, so why not believe that Michael Zebuhr was killed as an orchestrated conspiracy between local law enforcement, the Minneapolis FBI, Zionists, and as yet unnamed city officials?

Well, there are a lot of people out there who do, as a quick Google search will reveal, or as you can see on this website, which was brought to my attention in one of many emails I've received following the Zebuhr murder. An excerpt from the website follows:

Senseless murder? Or execution?

Is this just another meaningless murder in a nation that has thousands of murders every year? Or was his murder connected to his involvement in educating students about 9/11? Is there any connection to Professor Judy Wood, Professor Jim Fetzer, or Scholars For 9/11 Truth?

There are several possibilities. Let's first list a few facts and coincidences. Let's start with some of the suspicious aspects of Minnesota.
Then the proprieter of the website points out some amazing coincidences between Zebuhr's murder, the 9/11 plot, Zacarias Moussaoui, Paul Wellstone's death, and the "total control of the criminal network" over Minneapolis (Ed. - now that one I can believe).

While every FBI office is lying about 9-11 and other major crimes, the FBI department in Minneapolis, Minnesota is very actively involved in promoting the theory that the Arabs were training to be pilots, and that they were attacking us on September 11.

The Minneapolis FBI obviously wants to protect the official story on the September 11 attack. So why should we trust their investigation into the murder of Michael Zebuhr? Why should we trust the local police department to tell us the truth?

Shouldn't we consider the possibility that Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of the cities that the criminal network has total control over?

If they have control over the police department, the FBI agents, and most city officials, it would be a safe place for them to arrange Paul Wellstone's murder, the setup of an Arab patsy, and the murder of students who are exposing the 9-11 attack.
And on it goes.

While most of us understand that that Michael Zebuhr was murdered by a group of lowlife scumbags who couldn't spell "conspiracy" if they tried, there is a whole culture out there of apparently unemployed or underemployed conspiracists who have been waiting to make a martyr out of some hapless crime victim, and in this case Michael Zebuhr has become the one.

If you've ever heard the wisdom of David Horowitz or Dennis Prager as they expose radical college professors, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that a professor from the University of Minnesota is involved in this mess, according to the aforementioned website:

Scholars For 9/11 Truth was created in response to professor Steven Jones, of Brigham Young University. After he announced his research that shows that the World Trade Center buildings appear to have been brought down with explosives, Professor Jim Fetzer, of the University of Minnesota, convinced him to join with him in creating an organization to expose 9-11.
These people are educating our children.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Among the emails I've received on this subject is the following, for what it's worth:

Dear Mrs. and Mr.,
I am the oldest ZEBUHR in Germany and have seen the horrible thing in Minnesota. I have all data from the families ZEBUHR and STRONG, but not any contact, I have not any E-Mail Adress. Is it possible, that you can send my E-Mail with all our hardly condolences to the families ZEBUHR and STRONG and all the friends?
Or is it possible to receive any E-Mail adress p.e. from Laura Rose Zebuhr, or the mother Dr. Suzan Strong or the father Richard Harold Zebuhr? Than I can write a Mail.
The grandfather of Michael was Henry (Heinrich) Zebuhr and arrived the States 1929 from Hamburgo/Germany.
Many thanks and kind regards from
Frederic William Hugo ZEBUHR
So who would've thought that the Moussaoui case, the Zebuhr case, the 9/11 case, and the Wellstone case could all be wrapped up in one tidy little package?

Are the Kos Kids on to this yet?