Friday, April 14, 2006

Missing Something?

Andy from KvM posted this excerpt from a Red Star interview with outgoing Minneapolis Police Chief William McManus:

Former Minneapolis Police Chief Bill McManus gave a short interview on his last day. In it you will find a subtle hint at just what is causing the rising crime rate in Minneapolis. (Emphasis mine)

Q Serious crime is up double digits last year and this year. A chief is ultimately judged by the crime rate in the city. Do you feel the department has failed?

A Although the crime rate is part of how a chief is judged, I don’t believe chiefs are ultimately judged on statistics. There’s an entire criminal justice system along with social and economic factors that affect and play a significant role in managing crime. It’s unrealistic to believe police or a police chief can singularly control crime rates. Remember, crime was up prior to my arrival, and the rise in crime was and remains a direct correlation to staffing reductions. The [Minneapolis Police Department], as with many departments around the country, was decimated by budget cuts … and it will take some time to recover.
“Criminal justice system” Why who happens to be in charge of that?

Amy Klobuchar - ***Mission: To protect the rights and safety of people in Hennepin County
This other quote also struck me as absurd:

Q What would you consider your greatest successes in your two years in Minneapolis?

A Community building, creating and strengthening both internal and external partnerships, shifting departmental culture, rebuilding the needed working relationship with the [Police] Federation, creating a new and nontraditional working relationship with the Department of Economic Development.
Notice anything missing? How about mentioning CRIME control? You're the Chief of Police!

No wonder crime in the City of Minneapolis is out of control.