Thursday, April 20, 2006

Guardian Angels: Next Stop, Minneapolis

Due to the Minneapolis political leadership void, people are looking for help where they can find it. And sometimes that help can be from long-distance.

Hat tip to Nordeaster for bringing this story to my attention.

WCCO News reports: "'Guardian Angels' Head To Mpls. To Fight Crime".

(WCCO) Minneapolis Starting Friday, residents may see a group of red berets patrolling Downtown and Uptown Minneapolis.

Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels are coming to town after getting several e-mails from concerned citizens.

“They’ve talked about the street hold ups and the cold-blooded murder in the Uptown area and also how there have been a series of problems including a murder a couple weeks ago,” Sliwa said.

John Schulte, the leader of the Northeast Citizens' Patrol, wrote to the Guardian Angels. He said police have their hands full.

The police force is outnumbered. They are responsible for too much area and there is too few of them,” Schulte said.
Good luck, Angels. Be sure to check in on Rambix and the Red Star every now and then for crime updates.

If the Guardian Angels can't do the trick, then perhaps it's time to call in the Devils Dogs of the USMC. They're just the ones to clean up the Fallujah of the Midwest.