Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One Year

It almost slipped my notice, but today is the one year anniversary of Rambix and the Red Star. Here's the original post from 4/26/05: Be on the lookout for "three young men".

I never thought that Minneapolis crime would worsen over the subsequent year, but it has come to pass.

So the Red Star hasn't improved (except for hiring Ms. Kersten), Minneapolis crime has worsened, and Mayor Rybak is still as ineffective as ever. The upside is that conservative blogs have developed and matured over the past year, and are becoming a force in shaping our cultural and political landscape. Each one of us does our small part, but as a whole we are formidable.

I can only hope that new voices are added and new niches are filled. It's going to be a fun year (unless you live in Minneapolis).