Sunday, April 23, 2006

Minneapolis Crime - Weekend Roundup

I'm happy to report no murders in Minneapolis this weekend. There were, however, other violent crimes.

KSTP Eyewitness News reports a bank robber is on the run. And there's a suspect description, so we know who/what to look for:

A Minneapolis neighborhood is on the lookout for a bank robber who's most likely marked from the dye pack mixed in with the money he stole. The robber hit the TCF Bank on fifty-five hundred block of Nicollet Avenue and then took off running. Officers went searching door to door around the neighborhood looking for the suspect.

Police need the public's help in finding the man who robbed the TCF Bank. He's described as a black male with some facial hair. He's about 5'9" and 160-170 pounds and was wearing a light colored baseball cap, and lavender dress shirt with a purple tie and a black leather jacket.
He got hit with the dye pack. I hope he's green.

WCCO News reports knife violence at a Minneapolis bar (where is the knife-control patrol?):

(WCCO) Minneapolis One woman was hospitalized with stab wounds following a bar fight in Uptown Minneapolis overnight, police said.

Police say two women got into a fight at Champions Sports Bar on the corner of West Lake Street and Blaisdell Avenue South late Saturday night.

One woman pulled a knife and stabbed the other, police said.

The victim was taken to a local hospital. Her condition was not disclosed.
And liberal Red Star columnist Doug Grow writes about Sonny Siron, at age 79 perhaps the oldest "I was mugged in Minneapolis" member. Prior posts from this blog on his mugging are here and here.

His mugger walked, by the way, because the wheels of justice turn so slow, he had forgotten what the perp looked like by the time the trial came up on calendar. So next time you visit Minneapolis, remember that piece of garbage is sharing a sidewalk with you.

Here's an excerpt from Mr. Grow's article:

Since 1947, Sonny has been the anchor of the Lyndale neighborhood. Though change has swirled around him, Sonny has stayed the same, selling ice cream that's made in the back of his store at W. 34th St. and Lyndale Av. S.
Imagine a criminal taking advantage of this guy. Doesn't it speak volumes about liberals who rationalize and excuse criminal behavior like this? Is the mugger rat worthy of anything but prison at hard labor?

Sonny's neighborhood is changing. There weren't so many bleeding-heart liberals back in the day, so the good people ruled the streets. With the liberal takeover of the city from top to bottom, the rot has permeated the "fabric" of Minneapolis.

Sonny has seen good times and bad in his neighborhood. In recent years, there seems to have been a resurgence of good times with young families moving in. There are so many kids. So many friendly faces.

But there are concerns, too.

Violent crime in downtown Minneapolis and in the popular Uptown area have created anxiety, from City Hall to the Capitol.

Almost overlooked is the increase in crime in neighborhoods where everyday people live their lives [Ed. - this is what Rambix is all about - crime that affects all of us] and treat themselves to ice cream cones.
A guy can't even walk the streets in "nice" neighborhoods anymore without getting victimized.

Last Labor Day, Sonny was taking a short stroll in his neighborhood when he was mugged. There was a time Sonny was not vulnerable. There was a time two young thugs wouldn't have dared cross paths with the WWII vet.

But now, he's easy pickings. In broad daylight, the two took his wallet and fled.

Though Sonny was unhurt, neighbors were outraged.
"Outrage" for the urban socialists is having meetings and doing walk patrols. "Outrage" for conservatives would include arming up and rooting out the neighborhood scum.

That's why Minneapolis continues to reel from violence.

There have been similar incidents in Sonny's neighborhood. The neighbors have had enough.

So, slow and steady, they'll follow Sonny around the block Monday night.
There they go with the walk patrols. Good luck with that.